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Evidence shows that nudism is healthy for young boys and young girls, preteens, teenagers, and
adults.  It's important that very young boys and very young girls learn about their bodies and those of
others in a healthy environment such as nudism promotes.  Feeling free and confident to be naked
with other nudists, also called naturists, can satisfy their curiosity in a natural, comfortable and normal

Growing up in naturist settings can bring body acceptance as toddlers grow into preteen girls and
preteen boys.  Nudism can help teenage girls and teenage boys develop self-esteem as they see that
not every body is perfect, and not every naked body looks like the body of a  professional model.

Learning to feel comfortable being nude can help teen girls and teen boys handle the struggles and
pressures of puberty and adolescence, including peer pressure, sexual pressure, and even school.  
Modern society places too much emphasis on nipples, breasts, buttocks and genitals as if there were
something wrong with certain parts of the body so they have to be hidden.  Corporations make
billions of dollars by convincing people they don't look good enough to be attractive or sexy.

Some people believe that "open displays" of breasts, buttocks and genitals may lead to sexual
promiscuity.  Women have been harassed and even arrested for breastfeeding in public.  But by
making children, teenagers and adults hide certain body parts, they're actually emphasized.  
Swimsuits draw attention to those very parts they hide.  When a child, teenager or adult is completely
naked, no particular part of the body is emphasized more than any other.

Ironically, nudist teenagers may actual postpone sexual activity because seeing their parents,
brothers and sisters, friends and acquaintances naked is routine and a normal part of life.  This also
applies to preteens who feel free to be naked in front of others.  For example, Brooke Shields, who
posed completely naked as a preteen girl including playing a preteen prostitute in the movie
, was recognized for still being a virgin at a significantly later age than her body-hiding peers.

While it's not true that nudist teens don't engage in sexual activity including sexual intercourse, naturist
teenagers don't lose their self-control to uncontrollable excitement at seeing their boyfriends or
girlfriends nude.  When they're exposed to nudism and nudist philosophy at a young age and grow up
being naked in front of others, they can better decide what's right for them.
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"I honestly don't understand the
big fuss made over nudity and sex
in films. It's silly. On TV, the
children can watch people
murdering each other, which is a
very unnatural thing, but they
can't watch two people in the very
natural process of making love.
Now, really, that doesn't make any
sense, does it?"

--Sharon Tate as quoted in
Sharon Tate and the Manson
(2000) by Greg King

* * *

"If people were meant to run
around naked, they wouldn't have
been born wearing clothes."

--Reverend Loveshade as quoted
Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The
Tales of Shamlicht
edited by
Reverend Loveshade

* * *

"And they were both naked, the
man and his wife, and were not

Authorized Version (King James
Version) of the Bible
, Genesis 2:25

* * *

"If we were surrounded all the
time by nude people, do you think
we would think about sex all the
time? Of course not, we would get
used to it. So it follows that the
reason nudity has a tendency to
remind us of sex is that we are
stopped continually from seeing
nude people."

-- Eolake Stobblehouse,

* * *

"At the same time the LORD spoke
by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying,
'Go, and remove the sackcloth
from your body, and take your
sandals off your feet.' And he did
so, walking naked and barefoot.
Then the LORD said, 'Just as My
servant Isaiah has walked naked
and barefoot three years for a sign
and a wonder against Egypt and
Ethiopia, so shall the king of
Assyria lead away the Egyptians
as prisoners and the Ethiopians as
captives, young and old, naked
and barefoot, with their buttocks
uncovered, to the shame of

New King James Version of the
, Isaiah 20:2-4

* * *

"Perhaps the dissenters believe
that 'offense to others' ought to be
the only reason for restricting
nudity in public places generally.
. . . The purpose of Indiana's
nudity law would be violated, I
think, if 60,000 fully consenting
adults crowded into the
Hoosierdome to display their
genitals to one another, even if
there were not an offended
innocent in the crowd."

--United States Supreme Court
Justice Antonin Scalia

* * *

"The more a society requires its
respectable women to keep their
bodies covered, the more likely
those women are to be oppressed."


* * *

"Yet, the truth is that nudity in the
home, when handled in a
respectful, matter-of-fact way, is
perfectly natural and certainly not

--Dennis Sugrue, PhD, clinical
associate professor of psychiatry at
the University of Michigan
Medical School in
Sex Matters for
(Guilford Press, 2002)

* * *

"In fact, research suggests that
children who have seen their
parents nude do not grow up to be
emotionally scarred, but instead
are more likely to be accepting of
their own bodies and comfortable
with their own sexuality."

-- Holly Robinson,

* * *

"The fear that seeing naked
people in some way harms
children is not supported,
however, by academic research.
The small handful of studies on
this topic in psychology and
sociology have shown, instead,
that children reared in an
atmosphere containing family
social nudity may benefit from the
practice. If this is true, then
proposed laws outlawing either
social nudity in the home or
children's participation at naturist
(or nudist) settings are unjustified."

--Mark Storey in
Children, Social
Nudity and Scholarly Study

* * *
"The Croatians don't Care."

-- Anonymous

* * *

"I think on-stage nudity is
disgusting, shameful and
damaging to all things American.
But if I were 22 with a great body,
it would be artistic, tasteful,
patriotic and a progressive
religious experience."

--Shelley Winters from Michael
Moncur's (Cynical) Quotations Site
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