Are preteen nudism and teen nudisms ok? Is it ok to have nudist children? Is it ok
to be a child nudist, preteen nudist or teen nudist? Is it ok to be naked with my
family? Should children be naked in front of their children? Is it ok for children,
preteens and teens to be naked in front of their parents?
Aren't nudist beaches
and camps dangerous for children, preteens and teenagers? Do Nudists
touch each other? What do I do if I get an erection? Can I be a good
Christian or Jew and still be a nudist? Is nudism legal? Where can I be a
nudist and not get in trouble? Is it dangerous to be a nudist? What if I'm
worried about what I look like naked? Will people stare at me? is it wrong
to see naked children, naked preteens, naked teenagers, & naked adults?

My Diary
which shares my preteen and teen
experiences including being a teen

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Lorien Loveshade

an 18-year-old nudist
answers your questions about
Family Nudism

(I started this when I was 18 but I'm older now and I updated
this with links!)

(Reverend Loveshade helped me with this article
and this page thanx!)
Is Nudism OK for
Children, Preteens,
Teens and Adults?
Aren't nudist beaches and camps dangerous for children, preteens and teenagers?

Some people think being nude in public is dangerous especially if you're a child or preteen boy
or girl or a teenage girl or boy. They think nudist beaches are full of sexual predators waiting to
molest young girls and boys, and that nudist camps are dangerous. Are they? The answer is no!

Nudists are really nice people. You’re totally exposed to each other and that makes you more
open. Of course any place can be dangerous! But nudists are very helpful and friendly.

There are even nudist youth camps and I heard they’re lots of fun! And they check on the people
who work there so they’re safe. Even if you’re not at a camp nudists know they’re part of a
special group. That's why we look out for each other!

What was your first nudist experience?

I wanted to be a nudist when I was 10 or 11, and I was naked with other girls or women in a hot
tub or the shower at school for years. But I didn't finally become a real nudist until I was 16 when I
went to a nude beach with my adopted aunt. So I've been a nudists for many years!

I was a little nervous at first. I felt nervous about having people look at me when I was totally
naked, and didn't know where to look at other people. I started out wearing a bikini, then took my
top off. Nobody really paid attention to my boobs, but one couple looked at me and smiled. I
thought at first they were staring at me, but then I realized it was just because I was the only one
there wearing bikini panties! I think they could tell from how I acted that I was a beginner, so they
were just being friendly.

On some later nudist trips I saw other people wearing bikini bottoms or shorts. Sometimes it’s
because they're new and they're still nervous, and sometimes it's because they're women or girls
on their period.

What are some good experiences you’ve had as a teen nudist?

I've gone to public and private nude beaches and to nudist camps and had a great time! I'll tell
you more about that later.

My best friends have gone to naturist events too.
Mindy first went she was 14, Becky was 16
when she went, and
Germana was 17. My friend Kayla was 18 and Clarice was 17 when they
went to their first
skyclad Beltaine. Germana's brother Mexi was 14 his first time as a nudist.
Harmony was a lot older when he first did it so you can be older too! All of them loved doing it!
And my friend
Flower has been a nudist since she was a baby. She's totally comfortable with her
body and doesn't feel any shame. Being naked with other nudists feels really free and natural.

And nudists don't stare at you
upstairs or downstairs either. They look at your face. If you don’t
know where to look at people just look at their smiles! You usually look at people’s faces when
you talk to them even when you’re dressed, right? Really people stare at you more when you're
wearing a bikini than when you're naked! Nudists see the human body as natural.

I rode with some friends in the World Nude Bike Ride which was really fun. It’s an international
event that’s held to raise awareness of pollution problems and with saving the earth. I had a lot of
fun at different nudist holiday parties, playing games and even dancing! And I love getting body
painted. You feel naked but you look dressed! I went to some nude Wiccan ceremonies and even
helped with a pagan nudist handfastening! And I rode a horse naked! I sat on a blanket but next
time I won't.
(See my links below!)

My favorite things to do naked are use a hot tub and go swimming with friends. Being nude feels
really free and natural!

Have you ever had a bad nudist experience?

Only one time and that wasn't really bad. This guy who was dressed was staring at us. My Aunt
Lizzie, who's my adopted aunt, walked over to him and talked to him really friendly. Then she said
he could feel free to undress and join us! He got so embarrassed he left! lol

Do nudists touch each other when they're naked?

The short answer is yes. Nudist shake hands with each other just like people do when they’re
wearing clothes. But being naked is different in some ways. Some people like naked hugs but
others are uncomfortable, especially if they don’t know the person really well. You don’t have to
hug anybody or touch anybody or be touched if you don’t want to! But nudists are respectful.
Nudist usually don’t touch each other as much as people do who are wearing clothes, but some
do. If you don’t want someone to hug you and aren’t sure how to say no, just put out your hand
for a handshake! Really that's true even if you're wearing clothes.

Nudists don’t usually sit on each other’s laps except that some Mommys and Daddys let their little
kids do it. Some rub each other’s backs and put on sunscreen just like people wearing bathing
suits do! But you have more body parts to put sunscreen on! lol But usually people take care of
their own private parts and do that before they get to a nudist event.

My friend Flower’s family touches each other a lot! They hug each other, Flower’s Mommy Rickie
used to nurse her little sister Kippy in public when they’re both naked, and her Daddy Tyrone
sometimes gives his kids Ike and Kippy rides on his shoulders when they’re naked. He used to
give Flower rides but she got too big!

I went to a
skyclad Wiccan Beltaine or nude Summer of Love where after the ceremony we
danced and even kissed each other! But that was with different groups than I usually see and we
were being hippies! lol Thats only the second time I did that. You almost never kiss anybody at a
nudist event.

Is there a difference between Nudist and Naturist?

Nudism and Naturism can be the same thing. But some Naturists like being nude outdoors and in
natural surroundings. Some of them recycle, and eat natural foods, and do things that are good
for the earth. But of course you can be an indoor Nudist and still help the earth!

Isn’t nudism just an excuse for sex?

No way! I’ve seen lots of couples wearing bathing suits making out with each other. You almost
never see nudists do that! It’s not because we’re not romantic but because we don’t want people
to get the wrong idea. If you want to make out in public, put on a bathing suit! lol

When I gave my virginity, I'd been a nudist for 7 years and I was 23 years old! Most girls who
aren’t nudists lose their virginity by the time they’re 16.
Mindy was a 14-year-old nudist and she
stayed a virgin until she was 21.

For preteens and young teens, my friend
Flower was a nudist as a baby and she didnt even
tongue kiss a boy until she was almost 17! Before Mindy and I became nudists we both French
kissed when we were 12! So really I think nudists might wait longer to have sex. Sometimes
preteens and teenagers get excited because they wonder what the boy or the girl they like looks
like naked. You can be totally curious! And that can make it really exciting, too exciting! But if you
see people just chilling naked on the beach or at a nudist resort, being naked doesn’t seem sexy
anymore. It just seems natural!

Be careful because there are some places that call themselves nudist camps that are for sex. But
they’ll let you know that on their websites or in their brochures. If it says it’s only for age 18 or
older that’s a clue! But some nudist places are only for adults even though they aren’t about sex.
Sometimes nudist parents want to get away from their kids just like nudist kids sometimes want to
get away from their parents! lol

Do you have any recommendations for a first-time teen or preteen nudist? Or even for a
first-time adult nudist?

First you should know people judge you less for how you look when you’re naked as a nudist
than when you’re wearing clothes. You’ll see people of all ages from babies to seniors and
nobody you’ll see will look like a professional model. They’ll have birth marks and scratches and
surgery scars and scabs and wrinkles and stretch marks. They’ll all look like real people so don’t
be shocked! lol So it’s cool that you just look like a real person too!

Always bring a towel because usually you’re expected to put it on chairs before you sit down. And
if you’re going to be outdoors always use plenty of sunscreen first! You want to get it all over
your body so get help from somebody you feel really comfortable with.

It’s a good idea to go with somebody you know who’s already a nudist. Don’t go by yourself and
of course if you’re young go with a parent, aunt or uncle, grandparent, or some other adult you
know really well. Even though nudism is legal you don’t want to get them in trouble! So go with
someone who has the legal right to take you. And make sure you’re being a nudist only where it’s

Can I be Christian or Jewish or Muslim and still be a nudist?

Of course! There are a lot of Christian nudists, like my friend Flower and her family who are
Baptist Christians. There’s Jewish, Wiccan, Buddhist, and lots of others too! I know a Muslim
nudist but she can't tell any of her Muslim friends which is sad. There’s nothing wrong with the
human body. If you believe that God or Goddess created it, how could it be wrong? But not
everybody understands that, so you might want to be careful who you tell about it.

Can you be too old or too young to be a nudist?

No way! There are nudist babies, nudist children, nudist preteens, nudist teens, nudist adults,
even nudist seniors! You're never too young or too old!

What do you do if you're a girl and you're on your period?

That's up to you! Some girls won't go nude when they're on their period, but you can! I like it
better when I'm not menstruating but I've gone naked. Some nudist sites require everybody to be
naked so you don't get any voyeurs, but usually they'll understand if you're on your period. Ask

Some women wear their swimsuit bottom or panties at nudist get togethers during that time of the
month. You can go naked if you use a tampon. But if you do, you'll want to cut most of the string
off so it's not so obvious. You can even swim or use a hot tub when you're on your period, but
you'll want to wear a bikini bottom just in case.

What do you do if you’re a guy and you get an erection?

Lots of guys worry about being naked with other people and getting an erection. Well guess
what? Guys at nudist camps and beaches almost never get erections! If it’s your first time you’re
too nervous, and if it’s your second time you’re used to everybody being naked.

But if it does start to happen you can just go to the restroom until it goes down, or go in the water
where they can’t really see it, or just wrap your towel around your waist to cover it until it goes
down. Nobody will think anything bad if you do that! You don’t have to be embarrassed at all
because nudists understand that it happens sometimes. It’s totally natural, but isn’t something
you show off! lol So just cover up and you’ll be ok!

Can I nurse my baby when we're both naked?

Of course! I know lots of women who do. It's not like anybody will freak out seeing your naked
breast! lol You can be totally comfortable nursing your baby when you're nude.  I think a mother
nursing her baby is the most beautiful thing in the world.

How can I find a good place to be a nudist?

The best place is at a nudist resort, camp, or a nudist party. It’s private and there’ll be other
nudists there to help you. You can also go to a nude beach, but make sure it’s legal there first.
Nudism is legal for all ages, but not everywhere!

But nudist events don’t happen only at camps or beaches. They could be in a forest, a backyard
with a swimming pool, someone’s house, or really anywhere it’s legal!

You can find nudist places on the Internet and check the links below, but if you’re young have
someone help you. A lot of times if you do a search for “nudist” you’ll see links to a lot of porn
sites! That’s really sad but it’s true. Sometimes you can search by taking away words you think
might be on a porn site. So you could type in “nudist” and “-sex.” But if you do that you wouldn't
find sites that say nudism isn't about sex, even this one! So really it’s better if you type in “nudist”
and minus sex words that you'd find on a porn site but not a nudist site. Or you could use
filtering, but sometimes that filters out a lot of nudist sites too!

Another good way is to a get a guide to nudist camps and resorts. You can find these online too.

Always find out the requirements for a nudist site before you go!

Any other advice for a wanna be nudist?

When you do it have fun! Think about having a good time and not how you look. You'll learn that
other nudists are there to have a good time too!
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