Party Games
by Lorien Loveshade
Here’s some great party games! Most of these games you don’t even have to buy
anything you can just use what you have at home. These games are for birthday parties,
bachelor parties, bridal showers, bachlorette parties, slumber parties, sleepovers, and
more. I’ll post more games later, even some that you can play in a swimming pool.

The most important thing to do when you’re planning party games is to decide what ppl
will have fun doing! Some games work great at some parties and don’t work at others.
Some games work best if everybody plays but some work fine if some ppl don’t. And some
adults love playing kids games! Think about it before you have your party!

k means its for kids     t means its for teens or mature preteens    a means its for adults

Apple Football (k, t): Somebody ties a string around an apple so its tied on one end.
You can use an orange if you want. You should practice this b4 the party cuz sometimes
its tricky to get it to stay on! Then each player gets the other end of the string tied around
her waist with the apple hanging down just a few inches above the ground. Once you start
the game you have to swing your hips so the apple hits a balloon toward the goal line.
You keep swinging your hips to make the apple hit the balloon until the balloon moves
past the goal line for a touchdown!

Theres lots of ways can do it. For most of these you’ll need more than one apple on a
string. You can have one person do it at a time and record how fast they do it, then each
person tries to get the fastest time. Or you can have two ppl race each other and see who
wins. Either each person just races once, or you can have the winner of the competition
race the next person. You can also do the game relay style with two teams. If you do it
with teams then when you get the balloon past the line on the other end theres a
teammate there waiting. Your teammate then knocks the balloon with their apple until it
crosses a goal line on the other end. Any of those variations is a lot of fun even if you don’
t keep score!

Baby Balloon (t, a): I don’t really know what to call this game but its fun. You can also call
it Balloon Bust. Usually its just played with girls at baby showers but guys can play it too.
Each person puts a balloon thats filled with air under her shirt where her belly is. Then
when the game starts everyone tries to pop her balloon by pushing her belly against the
wall. Make sure banging into the wall wont knock anything off! The first one to pop her
balloon is the first one to have her baby! Its a fast game but really its not as easy as you
think! If the balloon falls out you just have to put it back in and try it again. It works better if
you don’t fill the balloons too full of air cuz if theyre really full they break too easily.

Balloon Sit (k, t): This is a great game for kids but some teens like it too. To get the
game ready somebody writes directions on a small piece of paper for something that
somebody could do. Then they fold the paper so nobody can read it and put it inside the
balloon. Then they blow up the balloon and tie it closed. They make as many balloons as
theyll be players but its good to make some extra in case a balloon breaks early. Then a
player chooses a balloon and puts it on a chair. It works better if its a hard chair. Then the
player sits on the balloon and pops it. Then that player reads what it says on the piece of
paper and has to do what it says! If you play it with young kids who cant read somebody
can read it for them. It works better if the things you have to do r silly like make a funny
face or stand on one foot and sing Happy Birthday.

Cloved Lemon Kissing Game (t, a): One person takes a lemon and put cloves in it
before you start the game. If they make it a day ahead they have to keep it refrigerated.
They don’t have to make a pattern with the cloves but they can if they want too.
Sometimes we make hearts or you can make a smiley face or write the word kiss or
whatever. Usually the person who made the lemon gets to give it to somebody first. Then
the person who gets the lemon takes a clove out with their teeth which is to freshen their
breath. You can take a clove out with your hand if you don’t like the taste of cloves but
usually you take one out with your mouth. Then the receiver gets to decide what kind of
kiss theyre going to get! It could be a kiss on the hand, kiss on the cheek, kiss on the lips,
or French kiss! Or if could be a kiss somewhere else! The player who gets the lemon
does most of the deciding but you cant force anybody to do something they really don’t
want to do. This is a great game to do in a jacuzzi but make sure the cloves don’t end up
in the water! Really you can play it anytime at a party even when ppl r doing something

Dancing (k, t, a): This isnt really a game but almost everybody likes to dance! Make sure
you choose the right music so its something the ppl at your party will want to dance to.
Sometimes it can be fun to have different kinds of music! Teens might have a lot of fun
dancing to old school music like the 60s and 70s and adults might have fun dancing to
modern pop. But most of the music should be something the dancers really like.

Diaper Change (t, a): This is a great baby shower game. It works best if u have two or
three baby dolls that are real size. Each of the baby dolls is wearing a diaper thats
supposed to be dirty. You can color them with a yellow or brown marking pen. Then
theres a clean diaper for each baby. Each player tries to change their babies diaper as
fast as they can! But heres the tricky part. You can only use one hand! And if you drop
your baby or knock it around you lose! You have to be as gentle as you would be with a
real baby!

I Never (t, a): Older kids can play this if you don’t have any R or XXX questions. You can
play this as a drinking game or you can play it for points. Each person writes something
they never did on a piece of paper. You write one thing thats rated G, one thats rated PG
or PG-13, one thats R, and one thats XXX! You can write each question on a strip of
paper or write all your questions on one piece of paper and then cut it into strips. But no
matter which way you do it theres one question per strip of paper. Then everybodys G
questions go in one pile, all the PG and PG-13s in a pile, all the Rs in a pile, and all the
XXXs in another pile. Then somebody takes a question out of the G pile first, says “I
Never” and reads what it says. A G rated example could be "I Never ice skated."
Everybody who did what it says has to take a drink or gets a point depending on whether
you’re playing it as a drinking game or for points. You can even play it as a drinking game
and just drink soda if nobody wants to drink alcohol. You do all the G questions first, then
PG and PG-13, then R, then XXX. If you play it as a drinking game theres no real winner
but its fun! If you play for points then you can see who wins. But I don’t know if the winner
is the one with the most points or the least points! lol This is a great game for just girls or
just guys but its also a fun way to learn about each other if its coed.

Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board (k, t): This game might work with some adults. One
player lays on the floor like shes dead and everyone else kneels around her. You should
have somebody at her head and at her feet and others at her sides. Sometimes it works if
you have six ppl but really its better with eight. Then the one who is kneeling by her head
tells how she died. Of course you make this up! Then when the story is over the one whos
supposed to be dead has to lie really stiff. Then everyone says “light as a feather, stiff as
a board “over and over again and picks her up! If it works right its almost like theyre
floating! You have to all lift all together. Its important to let everybody know before the
game how to lift properly so nobody hurts themselves. Then somebody else lies down and
someone else knees at her head and tells the story. You do it until everyone had a
chance to tell the story and be picked up.

Musical Shower (k, t, a): I dont know if this is really a game but its fun for sleepovers!
But u should only play this with
nudists or with family or close friends so ppl dont get the
wrong idea. It works best if you have two shower heads but you dont have to. One person
gets in the shower. Then a little later another person gets in. Then when the first person
comes out a third person gets in. You keep doing this until everybodys nice and clean!
Theres two rules that you have to follow. One is you cant play forever cuz youll use up all
the water and nobody else will get in there. The other rule is youre family and friends not
lovers. Its all platonic with no exceptions. I first played this on vacation in September 2010.

Sardines (k, t, a): This is like Hide and Seek but different. One person hides then
everybody tries to find him. The first person who finds him doesnt tell everyone where he
is. Instead she hides with him! Then the next person who finds him hides with both of
them! You keep doing this until everyone has found him and then that person hides with
everybody else. Everyone gets really squished together cuz you’re all trying to hide in the
same place. Thats why its called Sardines!

Seven Minutes in Heaven (t,a): You choose two people by rolling dice, spinning a
bottle, something like that. It doesnt have to be a boy and a girl but they have to be the
right sex for each other. U dont put two straight guys in the closet! lol Anyway they go in
the closet then you close the door and they stay in there for seven minutes and do
whatever! Usually if they dont really know each other they just kiss. But if u get two lovers
or two really wild ppl in there together they could do anything!
;) But really how much can
u do when u know they're going to open the door in seven minutes? lol

Spin the Bottle (t, a): This is a really old kissing game but its still fun! Everyone sits in a
circle and you put a bottle in the middle. It doesnt matter what kind of bottle as long as it
can spin! Then someone spins it. When it stops spinning it will point to a person. The one
who spun it has to kiss the person its pointing to! If its not really pointing to anybody then
spin it again. This all depends on your players but if you have someone whos not
comfortable kissing guys then they can spin again if it points to a guy, and the same with
girls. But really its more fun if you have to kiss! A guy who doesnt want to kiss another guy
could just kiss him on the hand on his head or something. Then its the turn of the person
who got kissed, and he gets to spin to kiss somebody else! Another way you can play it is
you take turns going around the circle and each person gets to spin it two or three times.
That way everyone gets to give the same number of kisses. But you still don’t know how
many ull get!

Truth or Dare (k, t, a): You have to be careful if you use this game for kids cuz it can get
wild! One person starts and asks somebody “truth or dare.” Then the other person has to
say “truth” or “dare.” If she says “truth” then the first person asks a question and she has
to tell the truth. If she says “dare” then the first person gives her a dare to do. But dares
cant be anything illegal or that could hurt somebody. Then its the turn of the person who
got asked truth or dare and she gets to ask somebody else.

Twister (k, t, a): Most of these games you don’t have to buy but this one you do. Twister
has like this mat with different colored shapes on it. One person spins a spinner which will
tell the players to put a part of their body on a certain color. So it might tell you to put your
right foot on yellow, then on another spin you might have to put your left hand on blue. Its
easy at first but everybody get tied in knots with everybody else! When you fall you're out
so the last one left is the winner. Its a lot of fun. If you want to know all the rules then buy
the game!

Who Am I? (k, t, a): You can play this with older kids but they have to be old enough to
read. Somebody makes up a bunch of names that the players would know then writes
each name on a separate piece of paper. The names could be sports stars, cartoon
characters, pop stars, people in the news or whatever. Then each player gets a name
pinned on her back. Pinning works better cuz tape sometimes falls off. The name pinned
to a players back has to be somebody that player knows a lot about. The name on a
players back is who that player is! Because the name is on your back everyone else can
see who you r but you cant! No fair trying to cheat with a mirror! You try to figure out who
you r by asking yes or no questions. So you might ask “am I a man?” or “am I still alive?”
things like that. Whoever answers has to tell you the truth. The first person to learn who
she is wins.

Who Did What? (t, a): This really isnt a kids game cuz they have to write their answers
down and some of the questions can get really personal! But you can do it with older kids
if you watch what questions they ask! Everyone gets a pencil and a sheet of paper. Then
each player gets a turn to ask a question and everyone has to write it down even the
player who asked the question. So if the first player asks a question like “tell something
you did that you thought you’d never do” then thats question number one. Everyone
including the player who asked the question writes down number one and then writes
down the question. But leave space after the question to write your answer! Another
player asks the next question which is number two and everybody writes that down, etc.

After every player asks a question then everybody writes down their answers on their
sheet but they don’t show them to anybody! Then you mix the answer sheets up and post
them on the wall. Then somebody labels one answer sheet A, another B, another C, etc.
Then each player takes another sheet of paper and writes down who they think player A
is, and player B, etc. Then when everybodys finished then somebody says “whos player
A?” and you go through all the players. The one who guessed the most people right wins!

If you only have like five or six players you can use every question like I described. But if
you have a lot of players then the group can decide on five or six questions they like best.
Also you can have somebody write the questions on computer and then print a copy for
everybody to write their answers on.

Word Maker (t, a): Some kids can play this if they’re really good in English. You take a
word that’s long and has to do with the theme of your party. So for a Christmas party you
might choose a word like “ornament,” or for Halloween you might use a word like
“Halloween,” or for a baby shower you might use a word like “maternity.” Then you print
sheets of paper with just that word at the top. Then you set a timer or have somebody
watch the time and everybody has two minutes to make as many words as they can out of
some or all the letters in that word! You can make the time limit different than two minutes
if you want to but longer than five minutes is too long.

For example, if your word was “Halloween,” you could make words like “hall, now, lean,
low, hello.” But you cant use a letter more times that it appears in the orginal word. So you
couldn’t make the word “wow” out of “Halloween” because even though Halloween has a w
and an o, it only has one w and wow has two.

If somebody thinks a word somebody else made isn’t a real word, then you can challenge
them and check a dictionary. Decide on which dictionary to use first cuz they’re all
different! Some people play where you just don’t get credit for that word, and other people
will give you a penalty! So you might play where for every word that isn’t real that you
wrote down, you lose credit for five good words! You can do that however you want but
you have to decide and let everybody know before you start the game! Also tell the
players they can make capital letters lower case and lower case letters capital if they want
to. So for example you could use the C in Christmas as a C or c.
Text copyright by The Loveshade Family