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A Rap by Becky Dare
Becky wrote this early in 2005 so some of this
has changed. But its still a kewl rap!
Copyright 2005 by The Loveshade Family
My name is BECKY and I'm here to say
I do what I want in my own damn way!
I'm Wiccan in a coven just my friends and me,
But we only do white magic not black magic don't you see?

My b-day's March 15th of 1988,
I like to dance and I like to date!
I like the girls and I like the guys,
So if you if get my message you will know that I am bi!

My eyes are blue and my hair is blond and straight
But its been many colors since 1988.
I got lots of piercings in my ears and in my navel,
And tattoos of a pentagram and yin yang thats my label.

I got a jacuzzi that's private as can be,
And I got a pool for my homies and me.
I live with my parents and Beth my older sister,
Brother Kevin is at college and Joni's married so I miss her.

I sell garden gnomes when I'm not in school,
And I do crazy things like like a crazy fool!
So visit here often cuz you do not want to miss me,
And if you're real sweet then I might just let you kiss me!