JuLy 12 + 13 2018
I write my diary every day but not online. But Harmony and I post our vacations together with lots of
details so Im only posting days I see Harmony. I use e for he or she and es for his or her and I dont
use much punctuation in my diary thats tradition. If you dont know Mr Biggles is my cat thats who I
write my diary to. And I know my diary sounds like Im a teenager even though Im 30. I dont know why
but thats the way I always write it. I feel its cuz I really share my feelings and feelings never really
grow up.

Thursday July 12 2018

Dear Mr Biggles

We finally got to Texas! This trip was like the hottest ever and we had record heat in California. If you
dont believe in global warming start believing!

I should tell you who went. Im Lorien and Im 30 I guess you know that. I went with my soulmate and
BFF Mindy, my little brother Matthew who just turned 16 who really is taller than me, Mindys youngest
brother Raidon who 21 and in college who hasnt gone with us for a while, Herbie who Ill tell you more
about, and Herbies daughter Emma whos 4 and son Christopher whos 2 almost 3. We visited Mindys
family but I wont write that here cept we picked up es cousin Josh whos 25. Raidon and Josh are
almost like Harmony and me used to be.

I have to tell you about Harmony and Herbie. Herbie was married to Lesa but she died a year ago
coming Sunday. Its totally weird because I was coming home from vacation last July when e died and
now Im going to be here with Herbie on the anniversary. This is where it gets complicated. Herbie
used to be my boyfriend years ago. We had a trial separation and never got back together and then
e married Lesa. I always liked Herbie I mean a lot. But Herbie decided not to date anybody for a year
and a day and that means e can date starting Tuesday.

But Harmony and I are usually vacation sothers that means significant others for vacation. I love
Harmony too. Winter was the first time I saw Harmony and Herbie together which was supposed to
mean I could finally make a decision. But I didnt really have to until now and I now I have to decide! I
really dont think I can be close that way with Harmony with Herbie here. Harmony and I had our room
together last time when Herbie was here but then it wasnt a prob cuz Herbie was still in mourning. But
can I really be with Harmony one day and Herbie the next? I believe my body is my temple so I never
did anything like that. So I straight up dont know what to do!

Ok really I do. Im on my period? So its like nothing is going to happen downstairs anyway! lol

Ok enough about that. Matthew is totally excited about seeing Glori again! Glori is 17 1/2 and the
younger sister of Brooke whos getting married. Matthews a little shy around girls but not around Glori!
Really es not as shy as e used to be. Its sad they dont live closer. But I know theyll be vacation


We met everybody at the celebration site for an outdoor festival. Last year we set up on Friday but
this year set up was today. The biggest thing was the pavillion that took a lot of ppl! They were putting
it up when we got there.

This is who was there. There was Harmony, Beth, Fiona, Dave, Crissy and Randi. Crissy is 19 and in
college and Randi just turned 10. Dave is their father and Lisa is their mother and Daves wife and
Fionas sister. Dont get Lisa mixed up with Herbies late wife Lesa. Beth is 23 and already a supervisor
and admins a lot of wikis. Then I saw Randy and es son Jeffery who just turned 5.

Everybody did huggies and kissies. I think Randy wanted to use es tongue but I was like save that for
when you have a cloved lemon! lol If you dont know last year they named me Queen of the Cloved
Lemon Kissing Game.

The weird part was Harmony and Herbie acted like strangers to each other. They spent like several
days together last winter! I hope they dont feel like rivals for me I really dont want that. I had to tell
Harmony well be platonic this time. E acted like it was Ok but I know it bothered em. Really it bothers
me too. Why does a woman have to choose?

It was hotter and dryer than last year. Last year there was more green grass and purple and yellow
wildflowers but this year I didnt hardly see any! And after dark we didnt see any fireflies either so
Mindy was disappointed cuz she loves them. We never see them in California.

Later more people came to help but really most of it was done already! Lisa came thats Fionas sister
not Herbies late wife Lesa, Lisa's son Buddy whos 20, and Buddys gf Alicia whos 18.

After dinner we had rain and I mean a lot! Everything was really dry when we got there then it was
totally soaked! It never rains in California but it sure does in Texas! lol It rained for like an hour and a

We have several things happening at once and I really wish the event started today instead of
tomorrow. Tonight was a super moon but also a new moon so you couldn't really see it. Were also
having a partial solar eclipse but we cant see that here either. Still they arrive in Cancer and its a sign
of change and transformation. That totally fits whats happening with me and with Herbie and maybe
with Matthew and Glori. We recognized it but didnt have a full esbat. Well have that tomorrow.

But we had fun! Mindy played guitar and sang shes really good! Shes a professional flautist and
really could be a professional guitarist too. Matthew brought a keyboard but e didnt play. I think e was
disappointed Glori wasnt there. But theyll see each other tomorrow. Harmony didnt play es drum but e
read a couple of es poems. Es a professional poet so es really good. Other ppl read poems too and
sang but I sang really quietly so nobody could hear me.

Christopher is afraid of porta-potties e thinks they have monsters! Im like hes not even 3 years old
and is already afraid of monsters? Herbie said look see theres no monster but Christopher thought
one lived in the hole! lol This was funny too cuz Beth said she just published a humor article and it
talked about young kids being afraid of monsters. Emma isn't afraid. But I am so tired of Emma every
night saying I dont wear diapers to bed and Christopher does. Its good she doesnt wet at night but
still I dont need to hear that two or three times every single evening!

I thought I had a major problem. Where was I going to sleep? Harmony was planning to sleep under
the pavillion. So if I sleep there too its like Im chosing Harmony but if I sleep in the motorhome its like
Im chosing Herbie. Why do simple things have to be so complicated? Then Mindy said in the
motorhome Id be alone with Herbie but under the pavillion Id be in public with other ppl.

But it wasnt a problem at all because people left! The only ones who spent the night on site were
Herbie, Harmony, Matthew, Raidon, Josh, Mindy, Beth, Emma, and Christopher. Raidon and Josh
wanted to be by themselves so that wasn't a problem. The motorhome is made for six but Emma and
Christopher are little so can count as one. Harmony slept on the floor but e said e liked it there. I slept
with Mindy so there was no question about which guy Id be with.

Friday July 13 2018

Dear Mr Biggles

I straight up dont know whats happening with Matthew and Glori! Glori got here and acted like e didnt
even know Matthew! I know it totally bothered my little brother even though e tried to act like it didnt. E
was planning something very special with Glori but I wont post that here.

Theres a lot of ppl here I think more than last year! Most people are about my age or older but theres
teens and kids. Most were skyclad cept for women on their periods like me. Really you can go naked
on your period if you use a tampon and cut off most of the string so people dont see it hanging down.
I didnt do that at first I wore panties but later I got brave. Mindys a smoothie but I got a little strip of
hair I got a Brazilian wax.

Oh I should say we got two Facebook (FB) groups for the Gathering at the Grove. Thats what the
festivals called. One is semi-private and the other is totally private and only for ppl who came last year
or this year. I cant post on FB under my regular account cuz thats got my real name. Some ppl dont
think elementary school teacher goes with nudist and Wiccan. I tried starting a temporary account like
five times before I got one to work! If I tried to add one friend FB said it was suspicious. Im like its
suspicious wanting a FB friend? It said I had to verify using my mobile phone but I cant do that cuz I
use it for my real account. Anyway I finally got one to work. Mindy didnt have a prob making a second
account not fair! lol I dont usually talk about that but its important cuz Beth's writing an article that will
link to my diary and Ill link to it.


I led a workshop on the foundations of Paganism with Darkboar! Of course we planned that online.
Harmony said I should use pagan names here so I am. If you dont know we always write our diaries
together on vacation sometimes even at the same time. Anyway Im High Priestess Artariel and e is
High Priest Laehar Darkboar. Some people came cuz of the wedding or theyre Discordian or
Subgeniuses and dont really know about Paganism. They do now! We had eleven ppl which is more
than I expected! Some ppl asked about it being Friday the 13th but I said thats superstition. Its
because the Lords Last Supper had 13 people and then Jesus was crucified on Friday. But thats silly
because the supper wasnt on Friday it was Thursday.

Many Wiccan believe in 13 principles and covens usually dont have more than 13 members but there
are exceptions. Some members of all three covens here were once members of a really large group. I
met the High Priest of the big group like 10 years ago and it was weird. (Ok I checked. It was June 21
2007.) I was interviewed and told I couldnt be a priestess if I was a virgin. Of course there are virgin
priestesses! Stay away from any group that expects you to have sex when you dont want to.

Im the Cloved Lemon Kissing Queen so you know cloved lemons got passed around! I wrote an article
about it with Reverend Loveshade thats in like three books and you can read about it on my website. I
made a cloved lemon with cloves in the shape of a heart and then I was like who do I give it to first
Herbie or Harmony? Anyway I played safe so gave it to Mindy first. Later Harmony gave me a lemon
so I French kissed him but then I gave it to Herbie and did the same with him so I was fair! I wont list
everybody I French kissed but the ones I did for the first time were Matt and Susan.

We had a bonfire even though really its a wakefire. The tradition is that a bonfire is a bone fire and a
wakefire is clean wood which really is what this was. But now it really doesnt matter.

High Priestess Riverelf and High Priest Spearguard led the new moon esbat. We had members of four
different covens present including three high priestesses and two high priests! Of course Im high
priestess of my coven. One of the covens doesnt have a high priest or priestess but considers all
members the same which is really unusual. But still if it harms none, do as you will.

Sennyoko who is Mindy played acoustic guitar again and flute part of the time and we finally got
Matthew who is Mystario to play the keyboard. Arlina who is Emily is a really good guitar player too
and we even got Meadow Hawk (Raidon) to play guitar a little even though e likes electric better.
Owlian (Harmony) played es drum e said e doesnt play much anymore which is sad.

The same ppl slept in the motorhome as last night cept Raidon and Josh were there too. They slept
together and got noisy? I was like there's a lot of ppl here including two little kids? I guess it wasnt too
bad but still. Mindy decided to talk to them. I slept with Mindy again we do that a lot cuz were soul
My VaCaTiOn!
Setting up for the
Gathering and the
Cloved Lemon
Kissing Game.
If you dont
believe in global
warming start
Super moon, full
moon, partial
solar eclipse.
I love both
Herbie and
Harmony. So
what do I do?
Will Matthew and
Glori have a
Porta-poties have
Where was I going
to sleep?
Going skyclad
means being clad
in sky. Naked.
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