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What is My Second Coven?
(updated December 2012)
I joined my first coven on October 31, 2001 with my friend Becky when we were 13
1/2. When I moved two years later, some of my
friends and I formed a Wiccan group
where I lived. This was accepted as a branch by my coven and Miss Sasha on
2005 which was the Summer Solstice or Midsummer.

On a full moon esbat on January 14, 2006, our branch become an independent
coven. It is a sister coven of my first one and are very closely tied together. You can
learn more about
me, my covens, and my life in my Diary.

My second coven started with nine members but it grew to have eleven. Some
members left to form their own coven. Germana is going to college in England and
will be for years so she was made an associate member. And one member wasn't
able to be active anymore so she left. Really I think maybe we added members too
fast. In June 2008 Miss Sasha moved with her family and I miss them all very much.
And Mindy and I moved to a college that was too far away to participate in esbats and
sabbats in September 2008, so on 21 December 2008 we were made Associate
Priestesses and started a
new coven that's really a branch of this one.

On February 2, 2006 we elevated Priest Tamber to High Priest, Initiate Sennyoko to
Lesser Priestess, and accepted Virginia of Arc as Initiate.  On October 31, 2006, we
elevated Initiate Desmodia to Priestess, and added Tempori as Initiate. On April 2,
2007, we elevated Initiate Zwillina to Priestess and Initiate Virginia of Arc to Lesser
Priestess. On Jan. 22, 2008 we accepted On Oct. 31, 2007 we elevated Sennyoko to
Priestess and added Star Fox as Priest. In June 2008 Sasha and her family including
Enchantric who is Herbie moved, so she was made Associate Elder Priest. On Oct.
31, 2008 we elevated Virginia of Arc to priestess after she became a woman by
nature on Oct. 22. Lesser Priestess or Lesser Priest mean you aren't yet an adult by
nature. Not every coven does it that way but ours does.

Our beliefs combine traditional Wicca, Celtic, Native American, Asian, and other
belief systems. We believe "If it harms none, do as you will." We respect nature, and
believe in the God and the Goddess. You can read more about

The members of my second coven are

High Priestess Goldina
High Priest Tember
Priestess Desmodia who is Ella
Priestess Zwillina who is Wendi (she joined my third coven but then moved back)
Priest Star Fox
Priestess Virginia of Arc who is Austra (she may be made an associate because she
went to college in Sept. 2012)

Associate Elder Priestess Miss Sasha
Associate Priestess Tanzera who is Germana
Associate Priestess Artariel who is me Lorien
Associate Priestess Sennyoko who is Mindy

Former Priestess Temporia who is Kayla (she left in Jan. 2010)
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Members of
My Coven