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What is My First Coven?
(December 2012)
This is my first Wiccan coven that Becky and I joined on Oct. 31 2001 when we were 13 1/2.
Some covens wont let u join til you're 18 but we think thats just ageist. We are still sister
covens and great friends. U can read what I wrote about our
Initiation.  You can also read
about my other covens.

A lot of what is true about my first coven is also true about my second coven and my coven.
We don't follow just one Wiccan tradition. Part of our beliefs are based on Native American
beliefs and part are more traditional Wiccan. We use magick but don't really think of it that
way. We think of it more as channeling the forces of nature. That's more of a native American
way of thinking.

We believe that its important to have a balance between male and female so all my covens
have members of both sexes. We have a High Priest and High Priestess except my current
coven, which is really a branch of my second coven, doesn't have a High Priest yet. It reflects
nature which is both male and female as represented by the God and Goddess. My first coven
calls Priests and Priestesses Wiccans but its the same thing. You can learn more about

The members of my first coven are

Elder Priestess Schizandra who is Beckys Aunt Eva
High Priestess Ice Falcon
High Priest Eagle Flame
Wiccan Lilithia
Wiccan Venusina who is Becky
Wiccan Red Clover
Wiccan Primrosia
Wiccan Cobrana (she was Initiate Chipmunk)
Wiccan Summerain
Wiccan Yellow Wolf
Initiate Guit Arian (initiated Feb. 2, 2012)

Members who moved are

Associate Member Artariel who is me Lorien (moved)
Associate Member Mortisa (moved)
Associate Member Pale Stallion (moved)
Associate Member Enchantric who is Herbie (moved in June 2008 and I really miss him)
Associate Member Dolphinia (moved in 2010)
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