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What is My Coven?
(updated January 2021)
I joined my first coven on October 31, 2001 with my friend Becky when we were 13
1/2. When I moved two years later, some of my
friends and I formed a Wiccan group
where I lived. This was accepted as a branch by my coven on
June 21 2005 and
became a sister coven on  
January 14, 2006.

After Mindy and I moved to go to a different college in summer 2008, we finally
realized we lived too far away to participate regularly in my second coven. So we
formed a branch that was recognized by a Yule celebrated by my first and second
coven on Dec. 21, 2008. I was made High Priestess! That's a great honor but also a
tremendous responsibility. But I had been a member of a coven for eight years and
was studying and practicing Wicca before that. Our branch is still associated with my
first and second coven but it became a separate group when Stormshelter and Frost
Flower joined on Feb 25 2013.

Helionix and Caesin-Thuriri were initiates but made priest and priestess on Dec. 21,
2009 even though really it's counted as Dec. 22, 2009.  We initiated Struana on
Sept. 18, 2009 and she became a priestess on Sept. 22, 2010. Moonfox was initiated
Oct. 31, 2009 and became a priest on Jan. 19, 2011. Luna-Morrigan was initiated on
Feb. 28, 2010 and became a priestess on March 19, 2011 but then she went to a
different college so she became an associate priestess on Oct. 11, 2011. Hel
Silvercloud who was Zwillina in my
second coven joined on Sept. 22, 2010 when she
started at our college so she was already a priestess. She left college and moved
back home Feb. 20, 2012 which is pretty far away so we had to make her an
associate priestess. Verdanita who is Cleo joined on Oct. 11, 2011 but then quit and
because her boyfriend didn't like it and so we had to remove her on Dec. 10, 2011
which was sad.

We hoped Helionix could become our High Priest. But he graduated and then moved
before he was ready which wasnt his fault but we had to remove him on July 1, 2011.
Colette was also initiated on Oct. 11, 2011 as a freshman then she became a
Priestess on Dec. 21, 2012. Then Stormshelter joined with his sother Frost Flower on
Feb 25 2013. They had a lot of experience so they were already a priest and
priestess. Stormshelter became our High Priest on Mar 16 2014. Their daughter
Rainbow Fairyborn joined on Aug 10 2014. She was an initiate until Aug 14 2014.
Because she wasn't a legal adult then she was a Lesser Priestess. Colette graduated
in June 2016 and moved back home so we had to remove her but made her an
Associate Priestess. Rainborn Fairyborn became a legal adult so was raised from
Lesser Priestess to Priestess on June 9 2017. Priestess Caesin-Thurirl moved in
November 2019.

Enchantric who was a member of my first coven was initiated as a priest on Imbolc on
Feb 1 2020. Then we initiated Verbascum Hare who had been a priestess of another
coven before she moved here for college on Ostara on Mar 20 2020.
We started
meeting online after that cuz of COVID-19 but it is totally not the same.

And we plan to install Mystario as an Initiate on Jan 28 2021!

The members of our coven are

High Priestess Artariel who is me Lorien
High Priest Stormshelter who is Joseph
Priestess Sennyoko who is Mindy
Priestess Struana who is Haley
Priestess Frost Flower who is Amber
Priestess Rainbow Fairyborn who is Mickey
Priest Enchantric who is Herbie
Priestess Verbascum Hare who is Glori (different than Colette)

Members who moved are

Associate Priest Helionix who is Brian
Associate Priestess Luna-Morgan who is Marcie
Associate Priestess Hel Silvercloud who was Zwillina who is Wendi
Priest Moonfox who is Whit
Priestess Colette who is Glori
Priestess Caesin-Thurirl who is Emily

Members who quit are

Initiate Verdantia who is Cleo
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