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My Wiccan Initiation
and Beckys too!
Becky and I joined our coven on Oct. 31 2001 when we were 13 1/2. I
wrote about our initiation in my
Diary and u can read about it here
too! This is what I posted then on my old website:

Wednesday October 31 2001

Dear Mr Biggles,

Todays the day! I was so excited I even stayed awake thru History!
Ok really Im nervous I even had problem signing in to my site! I used
my new email and it didnt work and I had to use my old one so whats
going to happen cuz my old email is getting canceled will I lose my
site? I hope not but I dont know what to do.

Ok Im nervous about tonight. Beckys Mom is taking us there shes
knows its a coven but her and Leon know about it plus its Beckys
aunt. Oh and Daddy wants me to be his good luck Goddess but he
knows I cant be here maybe for the very beginning but I got to get
ready evne though I dont know what to wear cuz Aunt Eva says
theyll have something for us. So Im like running around like a chicken
with my head cut off! I think I got my lines memorized Becky and I
are going to practice on the way.

Ok the game FINALLY ended. Im writing this on Thursday.

It was so awesome! Me and Becky practiced our responses while Kay
took us to Aunt Evas house. They said her house was closer to the
ceremony and it was ok for Becky and I to spend the night at her
house even though we were going to spend it at Beckys which
changed some of my plans but dont ask!

So Kay dropped us off and Aunt Eva acted like it was just a normal
visit at first. And I had lots of questions but I thought I shouldnt ask
anything. She showed us her house of course Beckys seen it lots of
times. Theres lots of tree around of course. Inside shes got lots of
plants and it looks very natural. She has lots of American Indian
decorations and symbols and some I think were celtic or Greek Im
not sure. She said she doesnt have a computer and she doesnt watch
much TV but she had music playing the whole time. It was mostly
natural sounding I dont know how to say it but it was like mediative I
guess. Also she had things from lots of different religions and she
really likes the yin yang symbol (how do u spell that).And of course
shes has lots of herbs but she calls them wort. She has some growing
inside and some outside but I didnt see those. Oh she gave us this
bread or cakes she bakes and some tea I forget what kind. It was
different cuz there were like little pieces of leaves in the bottom. I
think I had that before I dont remember. The cakes werent real sweet
but I liked them.

So then she tells me to wait and she takes Becky to another part of the
house. And Im just looking around and especially at the books she has
lots of books. Oh and cats too! I guess she likes cats just like me so
ud like them Mr. Biggles! lol Anyway so Im just waiting and then
Aunt Eva comes back and Beckys not with her. Then she starts to
teach me things. I mean its like lots of things all at once and I feel like
I cant keep up!

Oh she told me I could tell about the things that happened before I
took off the blindfold. I didnt have a blindfold on now Ill tell u about
that later. Ok first she said this is a new coven which is why Im
getting in. Shes been teaching Becky for awhile which I already kind
of figured out even though Becky kept it a secret. I didnt know Becky
could keep secrets that good even from me but I guess thats good.
She said usually u are taught for a day over a year but Becky has been
teaching me even though I didnt know it! But then it sounded like
Becky couldnt really teach me only someone whose already a priestest
or priest can so I figured Id ask about that later. And this is kind of a
dedication and the first level of initiation but Becky already did the
dedication. She also said usually theyd only add one new member at a
time but this is an exception. I think its because she said its a full
moon and something else about astrology and I forget!

Oh and she said theres a High Priest too and that any religion that
doesnt have male and female isnt balanced. I told her Im wiccan but
was baptised Catholic cuz she asked me and she said the Catholic
church could be balanced because it has Jesus and Mary and monks
and nuns but its not because all Popes are men. I heard there was one
who was a woman but Im not sure.

Oh she also said dont worry about anything and that I wouldnt be
forced to do anything I didnt want to and that I could quit at any time
before I was fully a member but once I accepted then I had
responsiblties to the others and they to me. Then she went through
the steps again. Then she had sit with my legs crossed and had me
focus on breathing and focusing and I got really relaxed but then I
heard a bell I thought it was the doorbell but it was real quiet but I lost
it. Ive done meditation before but sometimes I get distracted. She said
thats ok. So she was gone for a little but not to the front door so I
wondered what it was. Then she said come here. So she took me to
the bathroom except it had a toilet and sink but didnt have a bathtub.
Then she told me I had to take a bath in the next room. And I have to
leave all my clothes here, everything, and relax and dont worry about
what I will wear. And she says am I comfortable with that and I say
yes. And she says again I can quit anytime before I make my vow.
And she said focus on connecting to the elements and told me what to
do and then she left the room. Oh but she told me to ring this bell
when I was finished so then I knew where the bell sound came from
it was Becky.

Ok so I had to breath deep and slow and that was the element of air.
So I took off all my clothes and then I went in the room. It was small
and had just a bathtub in it but the room had lots of candles burning.
It was all candlelight which she said was the element of fire. And she
said the tub was made from the earth which was earth of course, and
the water was of course water. So I got into the bath and I breathed
deeply and slowly. And I had to cleanse myself even though I already
took a shower but I like baths a lot more than showers. The water
was really warm and nice. I didnt use soap or a wash cloth cuz she
said I needed to be connected. Oh she said I had to be bathed totally
in firelight, covered by air, contained in the earth or something like
that, and immersed in water so I had to put my head under.

Then I washed myself off and dried off with a white towel. I wasnt
supposed to rub hard just dry myself off by patting and take my time.
I had to remember to keep focusing on my breathing and the elements
but my mind kept going all over the place! I was afraid I was messing
things up but Aunt Eva told me before dont worry if your mind
wanders just get it back on focus and each time it wanders just come

So when I was dry I was going to ring the bell and then I felt a little
nervous. I mean Im standing there naked and I dont know whats
going to happen next! So finally I ring the bell and wait. And Im not
supposed to say anything just relax. And then the door opens just a
tiny bit and this white sheet I thought it was is given to me and Aunt
Eva says real calmly "put this on, relax, breath, focus on the elements,
then when you're ready, come out." So I take it and she closes the
door. Then I realize I didnt let the water out of the tub and I dont
know if Im supposed to so I just leave it. So this sheet or robe is
white and I try to figure out how to put it on. Then I see its round on
the bottom and its like a big circle with a hole in the middle. So I
figure Im supposed to put my head through the hole cuz that looks
like the only way to wear it. So I do and it looks like Im covered but I
think maybe I should put on a bra or panties at least but I remember I
said I would wear what was given me. I could change my mind but I
dont want to I feel excited! But Im glad Im not having my period! So
I ring the bell again then I remember Im supposed to just come out
but Im not sure so I wait and feel kind of stupid. Then Aunt Eva says
"you may come out whenever your ready" so I breath some more and
then I come out. And Becky already out there and she has on a robe
just like mine. And theres no light now except from candles I think.

So then Aunt Eva asks am I ready and do I want to continue and I say
yes. And then she asks me questions and I dedicate myself with her
and Becky. And at first I think this is the initiation but then she says
we're going to leave now. And then she asks Becky do you mind
being blindfolded and she says no and Aunt Eva blindfolds her. Then
she asks me and blindfolds me. Then I have to wait for a little bit then
Aunt Eva says are you ready and I say yes and she leads me. And
then she helps me get into a car oh and Aunt Eva told us to focus on
breathing and nature and the elements and dont talk unless we have to.
So we ride for a while and I guess it wasnt long but it seemed long
with a blindfold. So then Im told to wait for a while and I think Becky
goes. And I just breath and think and honestly I try to hear whats
happening but I cant hear anything but breeze and nature sounds. Oh
and it was hazy but I think it got clear but of course I cant see now!
And it seems like it takes forever.

So then Aunt Eva gets me and I can hear others and I recognize
voices so I know its the coven! So then they get quiet and then they
begin the ceremony. And some things happen and I dont know what
cuz I cant see anything. And then I have to say Im dedicated again
and repeat some things. And then I have to answer the Challenge.
This is for my courage and they say its better to fall on the blade than
to go with fear. I dont remember it exactly but it was like that. So
then I say "perfect love and perfect trust" which is one of the things I
memorized. Then I go thru the Ordeal which didnt hurt but its like ur
being whipped only like I say it doesnt hurt. It just means that u have
to be ready for trouble and problems in ur life and in the coven.

Ok then they say that I can leave now in peace and nothing will be
held against me. But if I choose to take the oath then I can take the
oath. But when I take it then Im bound to the others and they are to
me. But I already know Im going to do it. So then I say the oath
which I dont know if Im supposed to write cuz its right before the
blindfold comes off but it means that I wont tell any of the covens
secrets not even their names unless they want me to and that I cant
keep secrets from another brother or sister. Except now Im not sure
maybe I should tell them about my diary but Ill find out later.

So then after I say the oath then they take off my blindfold. And Im
not sure what I can say about this part except I take responsibility and
the coven are all responsible to me and some neat things happened but
I wont say until Im sure. And Im in! And Becky is too I guess she
went first!

Then we had a ceremony for Samhain and it was a full moon and it
was a really important time in the heavens so its neat I got in on this
day cuz its a really special day I mean like it hasnt happened like this
for decades!

Oh I found out the High Priest was at the other ceremony too but I
didnt know who he was and so was everybody in my coven yes my
coven! Well our coven but Im in it! Oh and I heard somebody say I
was an old soul which I think means Im mature. And Aunt Eva said I
know what to do but Im not sure what she meant.

Its funny too because it was kind of chilly but I didnt even notice until
after the ceremony but then I feel chilly.

So then after we went back to Aunt Evas house and visited and it was
a lot of fun. Ive got a great coven and there all nice. Oh its all females
except the High Priest but they say we might be getting some more
male members. And its like we cant let anybody in unless everybody
agrees and even if everyone wants somebody in but I dont then they
dont get in! We can have 13 members so theres room for more!

So then finally everybody leaves except some of us and Im not sure
what I can say here. But anyway me and Becky go to bed and were
like all excited and cant hardly sleep so we say its a good thing we
dont have to go to school! And we talk about the coven and things we
want to do and then Paula. And I think I havent even talked to Paula in
a while and I got to call her. So finally I go to sleep.
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The World
Series Game
Finally Ended
Any religion
that doesn't
have male and
female isn't
I took a  
I'm standing
there naked
and I don't
know whats
going to
happen next!
Aunt Eva
Becky and me.
Its better to
fall on the
blade than to
go with fear.
Perfect love
and perfect
Then we had a
ceremony for