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Coming of Age
by LadyHawke (S. Michelle Koon)
I found this at www.religioustolerance.org and at groups.yahoo.com/group/ChristianWitches.This
isn't what I used for Initiate Sealegs (Carol) but it's really good.I used something like this for
Austra when she had her menarche because shes Wiccan and Roman Catholic.

It's very important to have a ceremony to recognize when someone becomes an adult by nature.
It doesn't just happen when you turn 18!

Several months ago I ask my 11 year old, she had just started to show a serious interest in
magick, if she wanted a coming of age ceremony. We talk about it for a bit and she said she
would like on Midsummer and what ever I planned would be great. Today, while and was thinking
what to buy my husband for Father's Day and wondering what he is planning for my up-coming
birthday, I realized that Midsummer is almost here. I started looking around to see what my witchy
books said about coming of age ceremonies.I only found one of them mentioning it. It only had
some broad suggestions for the rite. Since I wasn't having much luck with looking in my books I
decided to look on the web. I found only one article that had any guidelines. This is what I came
up with using those two resources.


1 lg. white candle
2 sm. candles (the child chooses the two colors) one to
symbolize childhood and the other to symbolize adulthood
3 Candle holders
4 Candle sniffer
5 Bowl of blessed water, rose petals, and rose oil
6 Gift

Sometime before ceremony have the child ask the God/dess for her magickal name to be
revealed to her.

The Ceremony:

Cast circle with child in the middle. Present child and say
"Creator of All in this scared place, we
present to you (child's legal name). We ask for Your Presence and Blessings for this ceremony
celebrating her transition from child to young adulthood."

The child lights the candle that symbolizes childhood.

The mother then asks:

"Are you ready to dedicate yourself to the Three-in-One, and to use the Gifts you have been
given wisely?

Will you be careful of what you do, since we live in a world of cause and effect?

Will you be careful of who you trust so you do not cause confusion or fear?

Will you not use the Gift to hurt others, except when pursuing true Justice, for what is sent is

Will you not use the Gift against someone else who has the Gift, except when pursuing true
Justice, for the Gift comes from the same Source?

Will you only use the Gift when you feel it in your heart and know it in your mind?

Are willing to treat every man as your brother and every woman as your sister for they are by the
Creator's hand?"

If she answers affirmative to all of that is asks of her, she light the candle that symbolizes
adulthood and is anoint with the blessed water that has rose petals and rose oil in it. She is given
the gift.

The Mother says,
"Through your mouth and this rite you have proclaimed that you are spirituality
ready to be an adult. Welcome to the Journey for Greater Knowledge."

The large white candle is to be place as a center piece for the celebration meal and lit. It should
burn for at least an hour.

If anyone has any suggestions please give them. If anyone thinks this is good as is they are free
to use it.

Peace and Comfort to All

Copyright (page) by Lorien Loveshade
but the ceremony is LadyHawke's