First Period,
First Bra
(age 11 1/2)
                 FIRST PERIOD, FIRST BRA
                                       by Lorien Loveshade

I didnt even remember I had written this but I found what I wrote on the day of my first period and
when I got my first bra! I was 11 1/2. I found more things in the box with it that I thought I had lost
forever! I wrote this with a pencil not on a computer but I’m copying it here just the way I wrote it even
the mistakes. I thought some things that were silly! It says do not read this but go ahead and read it I
dont care. Enjoy!

Dear Diary,          DO NOT READ THIS!!

Today I am a woman! I had my first period!
It was this morning and I was up. I ate breakfast I had Coco Puffs. Daddy had gone to work and Benny
was still in bed. And I was eating my cereal and then I thought I got a tummy ache but it felt realy
funny. It felt like the time I ate too much and went running.
And then I felt wet in my panties. I thought I had an accident! So I went into Benny and my bathroom
and checked myself. And I was feeling bad becuse I haven’t peed my panties since I was 7 when I was
awake. But I knew I hadn’t peed. So I couldn’t figure out what was happening!
So I looked and I saw blood! And at first I was scared! I thought I had internal bleeding! And I said
Mommy! And I yelled it realy loud. But then when she got to the door I thought I knew what it was. And
I said what is it like to have a period? And she didn’t even tell me. She just said Lorien today your a
So she got a napkin and gave it to me and a clean pair of panties. Becuse I knew it was my period but
it still looked gross becuse there was blood on Hello Kitty! So I wore a pair of red panties with little
hearts on them becuse then you couldn't tell. So I had to pull off these things so the napkin would
stick. It has like tape. And I was so afraid I did it backwards I checked it over and over! I didn’t want the
tape pulling off my hairs! Ouch!
But then I wasn’t sure if I did it right so I stayed on the toilet and had Mommy check. And she said I did
it perfect!
I thought I should throw the panties away becuse of the blood. But Mommy said if you throw them
away every time theres blood you won’t have any panties! So I rinsed my panties in cold water in the
sink. But I was realy careful where I touched becuse I didnt want to touch the blood! I think it can make
you sick! But I got it all out so nobody could even tell! Then I put them in the washer.
Then this part was silly. Becuse I just put the napkin in there and then Mommy wanted to take me to
the store for a surprise! So then I had to take a bath but I took a shower.
So then I needed another new napkin! Silly! I got dressed becuse I was wearing my blue Superman
shirt. It was Bennys but I use it for a sleep shirt.
And then it was cool becuse Mommy said now that I had my period I was ready to wear a bra! And
realy a lot of girls in my  class already wear bras. I was in fifth grade but I’ll be sixth grade realy soon.
So we looked at bras and I didn’t know what color to get! So Mommy said why don’t I get white becuse
I can wear it with anything. So I got a white bra and its my first! It’s a training bra becuse it will train my
breasts how to grow. Its hard to put on and take off becuse it connects in the back. Laura already
wears a bra she got hers in fourth grade. Amber got hers in second grade and now she has big
boobies! Realy its not good becuse the boys keep trying to touch her all the time. A lot of girls in fifth
grade wear bras and they got them before they had a period. But I didn’t want to look like I pretend I
had boobies when I didn’t have any! He He!
I called Laura and she was realy happy for me! She hasn’t had her period yet none of my friends
have but Amber. I think Nicole has too and a couple other girls.
So then Mommy fixed a special dinner for me. We had cheese encheladas and rice and even
chocolate ice cream with marshmellows!
But this part I didn’t like. Benny already knew becuse Mommy told him. And I wanted to tell him but I
didn’t want to tell him. I don’t know how to say it. And he said so now your a little lady you’ll have a
boyfriend soon! He He! And he even said thats the cats pajamas but he didn’t even know I had my
period in my Hello Kitty panties! And I didn’t tell him! Ha Ha!
But this is th part I didn’t like. Daddy came home and I wanted to tell him but not. But Mommy told him.
She said guess what your daugter is now a woman! And he said what or hum or something like that.
And then she said I had my first period. And I didn’t know what Daddy would say. But all he said was
oh. And then he sat in the living room and he said I cant beleve its 10 years since Peter Rose got in
truble. And I was like who cares about Peter Rose and bassball when I had my period!
But anyway I have my first period and my first bra! Today I am a woman!
If you find this
Copyright by the Loveshade Family
I made comments
below when I was
a 24-year-old
My brother Benny
uses old school
slang and I do
too! But my
friends and I also
made our
I posted this online
when I was 13 but
didn't know the date
it happened.
Harmony figured it
out for me! It had to
be Monday.
From: poetry-girl  (Original
Message) Sent: 11/16/2001
11:15 PM  (Probably 9:15
PM her time)

Help me with a question
please. Aunt Eva wants to
know the day I had my first
period cuz thats when I was
really an adult and not by
mans law. I know it was
summer between 5th and
6th grade and Daddy kept
saying it was 10th
aniversary of when Peter
Rose was banned from
baseball. So if u know the
day he was banned I will
know it was 10 years after
that. Im in 8th grade now
and Im 13. I hope u can
help me!

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From: Harmony Sent:
11/22/2001 1:34 AM
Poetry Girl,

I know almost nothing about
baseball, but I did a search
for you.  Unfortunately, I'm
not sure I can give you a
definite answer.

.html which is probably a pretty reliable source said:
Rose, then manager of the Cincinnati Reds, agreed
on Aug. 23, 1989 to a lifetime ban from baseball
following an investigation into his gambling, a deal
announced the following day by commissioner A.
Bartlett Giamatti.

But another source that is probably
pretty reliable http://reds.enquirer.
html said: Rose was banned from
baseball 10 years ago this week —
on Aug. 24, 1989.

It looks like he agreed to the
ban on Aug. 23 but it was
announced on Aug. 24.  Do
you remember what day of
the week your first period
started? Ten years later,
Aug. 23 1999 (the year your
period started, right?) was a
Monday and Aug. 24 1999
was a Tuesday.  I don't
know if your father would
remember which day he
meant, but you could ask
him.  Also maybe your
mother or father would
remember if there was
something they or you
usually did on Mondays or
Tuesdays that might help
you remember.  Was there a
TV program on that night
that you remember
watching?  Or something
on the news?  Did you go
out to dinner?  Does Benny
or Brandy remember
anything or did they know?  
Anything you can
remember might help.  Post
it or email me and I can
look for you.  But be careful
not to give anything away
like your phone number!  
August 23, 1999
Of course I don't
care if you read
this or I wouldn't
post it here! But I
wrote "Do Not
Read This" when I
was 11 /12.
"Napkins" is an
old school term
for "pad." My
family's very old
school but we
think that's groovy.
Can you imagine
throwing away
your panties every
time you have a
period? Expensive.
Benny told me
that silliness
about a training
bra training your
breasts how to
grow. Silly older