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I wrote this poem when I was 13 1/2 almost 14. It's based on one of
my dreams and its also one of my fantasies
. ;)

The Unicorn
by Lorien Loveshade

The Unicorn
Flies without wings
Over the night forest hills
Soaring on his cloven feet.

He runs toward me
Who sits silently waiting.

He sees me and rears up
As if to flee.
But I am a virgin bathed in moonlight
And my virginity calms him.

He comes to me
And lowers his fine horned head.

He kneels before me
And I scratch his long neck and mane.
He likes the feel of my fingers:
They entice him.

At last he lays his large horned head
down into my virgin lap.

Soon we lie together.
My legs entwine him
Holding him firm between them
While I stroke his long horn.

And O! we move as one
Til the bursting of the sun.
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