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I wrote this poem right after I turned 13 years old.

Alone in My Room
by Lorien Loveshade

Here I am once again
Alone in my room
Thinking of Doom
and a future unseen.

Why must I wait
For my first date
for my first drink
for my first car
to smoke a cigar
to travel quite far
by myself?

But they dont know
my first kiss is past
and wines passed my lips
and in the drivers seat sat my hips
and I smoked a cigar
it was awful and my lungs it did char
and I do travel to the stars
in my mind.

When I am old
I will not say no
for they will do it anyway
as children always have.

I will say
be careful
and learn
and here's how
so you may be safe
when u have ur first taste
of love or wine or cars or cigars.

And they will know
how to travel far
for I will guide them
to the stars.
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