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September 11 2001
I wrote this in September 2001 and its what I thought at age 13 1/2. It was
published in a book at my school we made to raise money to help ppl.

September 11 2001

by Lorien Loveshade

Two towers gone down.
The five-sided now has four.
One plane went nowhere.
Thousands dead.
Millions afraid.

Why did it happen?
Who could hate so much?

But we cant hate in return.
Hate breeds Hate.
Love breeds Love.
If everyone was filled with True Love
Hate would have no room to breed.

Dont turn to hate against people
Just because they're this or that.
Those who did it are responsible,
No one else.
Even if they are the same religion, sex, age, race.

Defeat yourself with Hate
Or Conquer all with Love.
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