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Are preteen nudism and teen nudisms ok? Is it ok to have nudist children? Is it ok to be a
child nudist, preteen nudist or teen nudist? Is it ok to be naked with my family? Should
children be naked in front of their children? Is it ok for children, preteens and teens to be
naked in front of their parents?
Aren't nudist beaches and camps dangerous for
children, preteens and teenagers? Do Nudists touch each other? What do I do
if I get an erection? Can I be a good Christian or Jew and still be a nudist? Is
nudism legal? Where can I be a nudist and not get in trouble? Is it dangerous
to be a nudist? What if I'm worried about what I look like naked? Will people
stare at me? is it wrong to see naked children, naked preteens, naked
teenagers, & naked adults?

My Explicit Teen Diary
Starting at Age 13!
Go Topless Protest Day
at Venice Beach, California

by Lorien Loveshade

August 23 2009
Why should men
and boys be able
to go topless in
public but women
and girls can't?
Bring nudism back
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Diary Dates
Go Topless Protest Day
on 23 August 2009
Why should men and boys be able to go topless in public but women and girls can't? Now there's
a day where they can!

The people at are having a NATIONAL GOTOPLESS PROTEST DAY on August
23, 2009. It says it's national but you can do it in whatever country you're in. Be careful if you're
somewhere like Iran or Iraq of course.

This is also Women's Equality Day but men can go topless too! Who decided women's chests are
sexy and men's chests aren't?

Did you know women have been arrested for breast-feeding in public? Some places want women
to feed their babies in restrooms. Would you want to eat on a public toilet?

And in some places a woman can breastfeed, but can't bare her breasts unless there's a baby
attached. What's up with that?

This is your chance to protest. Go topfree on August twentry-three!

If you'll be at Venice Beach on that day, you might see Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko, Nurse
Eggscream, Nixie Nurita, Homeless Dragon, Thomas T. Timber, Omar the Bisquit and me and
many others topfree! Meet at noon at Ocean Front Walk at Navy St. We'll start marching at 1
p.m. toward the Windward Circle stage with a speech and entertainment from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Because The Agents of Greyface don't want women and girls showing their nipples, some of sus
will be covering them with fake nipples that look totally real! So if the cops aren't sure, they'll
have to look at our nipples really close. What could be more Discordian than that?

And guys are encouraged to wear bras or bikini tops!

If you want to learn more about nudism, you can see my page at This was one of several links on the Wikipedia article
on Nudism for years until somebody cut off the links. I can't add them back myself but you can!
The article is at and you can see the links at the bottom of If you're a Wikipedia editor
please restore the links!
Topless Protest Videos
See how we and others protested to "free your mind, free your breasts!"

Topless rights at Venice Beach on Boing Boing

Free Your Breast Week on CNN

Women's rights @ Venice beach

At a Venice Beach topless protest in 2009, an announcer tells how it was a nude beach in the

French feminists stage topless protest in swimming pool
My Commercial
Bring nudism back
to Wikipedia!