LoRiEn LoVeShAdE's
OrIgInAl TeEn SlAnG gUiDe AnD mOrE!

Some ppl say they dont understand all the slang I use. So now u can
know it all just read my slang guide! Some of these a lot of ppl use and
some me and my friends made up but u can use them too! Enjoy!

alcopop (noun)

wine coolers and hard lemonade and other sweet alcoholic drinks




best friend forever. No it doesn't mean boyfriend forever! lol

boo baby (noun)

My second boyfriend

bud (noun)



leave like bounce out of here

cat’s pajamas (adjective)

This is really old school for cool

crib (noun)

ur home (thats why my home page is Lorien's Crib!)

derb (noun and verb)

oral sex especially when its done on a guy

do cuddles (verb)

doing cuddles means ur cuddling especially if ur sleeping together

downstairs (noun)

The part of ur body in front that's below the waist and above ur thighs

exponential (adjective)

When u keep feeling more and more excited especially if ur feeling horny

fluffy (adjective)

Something cute and sweet and girly but a lot of guys might like it too

full of fluffiness (adjective)

same as fluffy

GF (noun)


helicopter (noun)

When a girl or a guy hovers around their boyfriend or girlfriend all the
time and acts jealous theyre a helicopter

hottie (noun)

This person is good looking and sexy!

IRL (adjective)

This means In Real Life

jock (verb)

old school for flirt

kewl (adjective)

This means cool

LMAO (verb)

Laughing My Ass Off

little friend (noun)

If a guy asks if u want to see his little friend hes talking about his penis

lol (verb)

This means laughing out loud

mack (verb)

Flirting, especially when its a guy who does it

OMG (adjective)

This means Oh My God or oh My Goodness!

pebbly (adjective)

When u try to be strong as a rock but ur totally nervous and fall to pieces
ur pebbly

ppl (noun)

This just means people

pyrimid (noun)

When a guy's getting really excited he makes a pyrimid in his pants

r (verb)

This is the word are

sharies (noun)

This is when u and a friend take care of urselves together but not each

sother (noun)

This is like significant other, only it's a lot easier to say

spenny (adjective)

It means expensive

tasties (noun)

This is being oral with a girl ;)

tweaker (noun)

This is when somebodys acting all hyper like theyre on speed

u (noun)

This is the word you

upstairs (noun)

The part of ur body above the waist in front--ur chest or boobs

ur (adjective and noun-verb)

This is the words your and you’re

vacation sother (noun)

somebody who's your sother but just while you're on vacation

V-card (noun)

If u still have ur v-card ur a virgin


This is a smile


This is a frown


This means Im mad


This is a wink


This is a kiss


This means Im laughing out loud


This means my mouth is open in shock like OMG!
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I wrote a paper for English and talked about
slang. Then I thought about slang words my
friends and I made up. But Im not sure about
some of them are you?

Where did the slang come from?

Most of these I dont know! Most of them we just
used cuz other ppl did. But I'll tell u the ones we
made up!

Words I'm not sure about.

I didnt make up cuddles of course but I think we
made "
do cuddles" for sleeping together without
sex Im not sure.

I think my friends made up
upstairs for above the
waist and
downstairs for below the waist.. Does
anybody know for sure?

I think we made up
tasties. Thats for oral sex
especially on a girl. I used it for the first time in
my diary on Saturday February 12 2004. We
made up a lot of words that year!

"So anyway we started talking about sex. Were
all virgins even though nobody believes
Becky is
cuz shes so wild. I mean she did almost
everything with Linda they even did tasties!"

Words we made up!

Exponential: Mindy made that up and was only
13! I first wrote it in my online diary on Thursday
August 26 2004 but Mindy used it before then.

"Oh Mindy said she wasnt thinking she was
feeling so exponential she just couldnt talk!
Thats Mindys word for feeling really horny
exponential! Isnt that cute?"

Fluffy: Carlton made  that one up. We started
using it on vacation and in my diary on June 23

"There was a lot of dress up and kissing games
it was very fluffy. Thats our new slang word
Carlton made that up. Fluffy is like super cute
and girly."

Pebbly: Mindy and I made that up! She was 13
and I was 16. I first used it in my online diary on
Friday October 1 2004.

"And then Ella saw Cornell and she got all
pebbly. Oh Mindy says I should tell u what pebbly
means cuz thats our word. Its like ur trying to be
strong and hard like a rock but u really fall apart
like into pebbles. So ur pebbly! Mindy said the
word was my idea but we both made it up
together. We like making up new words!"

Sharies: Mindy made that up too! She's great at
making new words. I first used that in my online
diary Monday August 2 2004.

"Oh and this was really kewl but she made a
special name for what we did together. She
called it sharies! It sounds a lot more special
than masterbating together. So we did cuddles
and we did sharies! ;)"

Sother: Alden made up this one years ago but
we don't know when. It rhymes with mother and
brother so it's easy to say. It's not just for teens
really none of these words are.

Vacation Sother: Harmony and I made this up
on September 18 2010.
My slang guide's short because it shows words I
use you might not know especially the ones we
made up. But here's some slang dictionaries
that are clean, cool, ducky, neat and skippy.

www.alphadictionary.com/slang This tells u what
slang words mean and when they were first

urbandictionary.com This is like a wiki that
anyone can add to so you don't know what you'll
find inside.
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