WhO iS lOrIeN?

This is about me of course! Im Lorien Loveshade and I was born March 13, 1988 so Im 32 years old. I graduated
from high school yay Class of 2006! I graduated from my second four year college in 2011! I went to junior
college when I was in high school. Then I went to a four year college full time for two years while I babysat and
worked at a fitness center. Then my
BFF Mindy graduated from high school in 2008 and we started going to
another four year college in September 2008. I was an English major with a Psychology minor but then I studied
to be an Elementary School Teacher! Even though I graduated I still had half a year of classes to go but started
helping a teacher. Then in September 2012 I started teaching first grade! It took like 12 hours a day seven days a
week! But I survived my first year and the second year was a lot easier cuz I reused lessons. From 2015 - 2016 I
taught second grade so I sort of had to start over. But it was still a lot easier than my first year! I taught second
grade in 2016 - 2017 too. Then I went back to first grade for 2017 - 2018 and taught first grade in 2018 - 2019  
and in 2019 - 2020
and now in 2020-2021. But it is different with COVID-19!

WhO dO I lIvE wItH?

I moved in with Herbie because he is now my husband! We married on Aug. 6 2020 which is the anniversary of
when we started dating and when we started dating again!
We share two kids who are Emma and Christopher.
We live with Mindy whos my soulmate through the ages and one of my best friends. Glori who moved in with
Mindy and me on July 1 2019 stayed in our old apartment
but moved out to live in a  dorm at her college. She
was my brother Matthew's sother
then they had a trial separation but they are back together. Poor Mr Biggles who
my cat I adopted on Oct. 26 1998 died on Dec. 29 2020. I really miss him but he lived a good long life.

Mommy and Luis got engaged on Sept. 7 2020! They have been dating like forever. But they have not set their
wedding date. My little brother Matthew lives with them.

Flower with help from Bobbie who is Mindy's brother had their first son on Feb. 18 2017.
They are expecting
another in April 2021!

My grandparents Page and Perry, and Aunt Ebee and Uncle Frankie all live in a house thats right by the antique
store. My Daddy is divorced from Mommy & since September 29 2009 he lives about two hours away. My half
brother Benny and half brother Brandy have two daughtersl The first is Staci so Im double Aunt Lauren! Staci was
born January 1 2008. Brandy was expecting another child but miscarried on January 13 2012 which was sad.
But they had another daughter Kimberly on January 31 2014! They're both new year's babies cuz Staci was born
on the American new year and Kimberly on the Chinese new year. Austra whos the younger sister of Germana
calls me Aunt Lorien too.

My Grandpa Blaine who's my Daddy's Dad died March 1 2009. He was 78. I never got to see him much because
he lived so far away. But I miss him and I know Daddy really does. His wife my Grandma is in her 80s shes
. She was doing better but now she is in a nursing home.

See more about them and the rest of my
FrIeNdS & FaMiLy.

WhAtS mY cUlTuRe?

Im American and a California girl. Im totally White on my mothers side and mostly White but part Mexican and
Amerind on my fathers side.

WhAt Do I lOoK lIkE?

Im mostly White but part Mexican and Amerind, 5 foot 7 1/2 inches, have tan skin, long straight brown hair with
bangs, brown eyes, two piercings in each ear, am small on top and still a little too big on the bottom cuz I
gain weight in winter and then lose in summer, and have no tattoos.

WhAtS mY pErSoNaLiTy?

My Jungian Myers-Briggs personality is INFJ.  That's Introvertive, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging.

WhAtS mY hObBiEs?

Cuddling with my hubby, playing with my kids, hanging with my friends, texting, chatting online, writing my diary,
building my
website and my other website, writing on the The Loveshade Family Blog, shopping, going to
planning parties, skinnydipping in a pool or hot tub. I collect figurines and want one for each of my
friends. I also like reading and writing poetry but havent written or read much lately except for school. But I edited
and wrote a
book with some friends!

WhAtS mY jOb?

Im an elementary school teacher I teach first and second grade! I worked with an elementary school teacher
really I did some student teaching! Before that I was a tutor in 2010 and 2011 at a different elementary school
which was cool. My first senior year I worked in day care that wasn't at my college which was crazy cuz it was
hard to work with my schedule. The elementary school worked with my college schedule cuz really it was
through my college.  I used to work at a fitness center with Mindys Mama and I miss it! And I got certified to teach
kids to swim! I helped teach a summer swim class in 2007 and 2008 and taught in 2013 and 2014 and later. I
wanted to teach them again but it didnt work out until after I taught school my first year. I helped with an article on
wading for
Yahoo Sports but its not there anymore. I worked as a babysitter for years but I havent done that much
in years except for Herbie's kids
before they were mine too and babysitting an entire class! lol

WhAtS mY bElIEfS?

Im Wiccan. I believe in a God and Goddess and in doing good for other people. Im high priestess of my third
coven! I was in a
coven that's a sister coven to my first coven. Mindy and I were too far away to still be active
members in second coven but all three are associated with each other. My three main beliefs are:

Love yourself.

Love others as yourself.

If it harms none, do as you will.

I also believe in the
Loveshade Beliefs. U dont have to be Wiccan to believe them.

WhAtS mY sIgN?

My Sun Sign is Pisces, Chinese year is Dragon, Element is water, Nicknames r Poetry Girl, Good Luck Goddess,
Shampoo, Princess,
Princess Unicornia, Lippy, Cuppy, Chestnut Pony, Sister, Lorien Girl, and Ms. L. And Im a
shepherdess which is why I babysat and teach school.
Wiccan name is High Priestess Artariel, Discordian and
Mythics of Harmonia name is Princess Unicornia, Animal Spirit is penguin.

WhO r My FrIeNdS?

Click HERE

WhOs My SoThEr (that means  BoYfRiEnD/gIrLfRiEnD/hUsBaNd/WiFe)?

(Aug. 6 2018+) Yes the same Herbie and the same date only thirteen years later! Herbie has two kids
Emma and Christopher. And guess what? On Sunday June 16 2019 Herbie proposed to me at The Gathering at
the Grove and I accepted! We g
ot married on Aug 6 2020!

PaSt BoYfRiEnDs

(Dec. 9 2001 to May 7 2002) He's Christian and I'm Wiccan so that was weird.
Jules (July 1 2002 to Sept. 12 2002) Yes, the same Jules! Weirder! He got married to Susy in March 2013. They
have one son Jules Jr.
Herbie (Aug. 6 2003 to Aug. 6, 2005) We had a trial separation and just never got back together until thirteen
years later! Later he thought he was gay he was even Jude's boyfriend. But after he moved he was Lesa's
boyfriend on May 22 2009 and married her on Sept 22 2012. They had two kids, a girl and a boy. But Lesa died
on July 15 2017 it was so sad.
We got back together Aug 6 2018 then married Aug 6 2020!
Timmy (Feb. 26, 2009 to Sept. 13, 2009) He said we'd dated too long for me to still be a virgin! I will not be forced.
Berkeley (May 26 2010 to June 7 2010)  Shortest ever! lol We decided we didnt want to be tied down for summer.
Berkeley (Sept 22 2010 to Jan 4 2012) Same one! He went to my college hes studying to be a pediatrician.
Michael (Oct 28 2014 to Sept 19 2015) He was a teacher like me only he taught fourth grade like Kirk. We dated
for a school year!

WhO WaS nOt My BoYfRiEnD?
These are guys I liked or dated a lot but they werent ever really my boyfriend. Its not everyone I dated so dont
think that!

Nate A boy who kissed me on the lips and squeezed me when I was 10 (Sunday, December 1998)
Felicio The first guy I French kissed when I was 12 (May 20 2000)
Deno who I dated and who wanted to be my boyfriend but he never was (Sept 16 2005 and more dates)
Allen whos Mindys cuzin I saw on vacation and had a silly crush on (April 8 2005) and (Aug 23 2006)
Fernando who I dated a lot and who acted like I was his property (March 10 2006 and more dates)
Enrico who was one of my professors I really liked and went to lunch with (Nov 7 2007  Dec 5 2007)
Gus a really cool guy I knew forever but only really dated once (Oct 31 2009  Nov 6 2009)
Kirk who is a cool fourth grader teacher at my school I dated but not exclusively (Dec 28 2013 - July 2014)
Isac teaches swimming and builds pools and we were just friends but Michael was jealous (Dec 31 2014)

WhO iS nOT mY hUsBaNd?

I got married to Harmony on May 1, 2010! No not really it was an April Fool's joke! lol But we fooled a lot of
people. You can see our wedding invitation if you have access to the private part of my site. But he really was my
vacation sother four times. Herbie knows it was a joke he is straight up not jealous.

WhAt ArE mY FaVeS?

In food its CHOCOLATE! I like Mexican, Italian, smores, peanut butter on bananas, peanuts on chocolate ice
cream, Reeses Pieces, RAW carrots.

My favorite drinks r Diet Coke, chocolate milkshakes, and alcopop like hard lemonaide.

My favorite colors are purple and lavender.

My fave animals are dolphins and horses if u mean real animals and I really like palomino stallions! I also love
unicorns and mermaids but those r real too dont tell me they arent or Ill slap u! lol j/k

WhAt SuCkS?

Prejudice, girls who think theyre all that, boys who show off, sexism, racism, anti-gayism (is that a word?),

I dont like eating COOKED carrots or stuffing.

I dont like really gross movies unless theyre funny!

WhAt Is MoRe AbOuT Me U dOnT wAnT tO kNoW?

I helped write a book and we got published! We want to get it published again!

I have a blog (sorry cant tell u where it is cuz its in my real name) and I post on another

I used to edit three online wikis but with teaching and kids I have no time.

I like sandals more than shoes.

I like wearing camis and shorts arent I sexy? lol

I published a
poem about 9/11!

I helped with an article on treading water for Yahoo Sports! But its gone now :(

I write down the dates for everything!

I wear makeup but not a lot.
Mindy got me doing it.

I love wearing skirts and dresses for dances.

I like reading fantasy

check out news on the internet so I know whats up.

I like movies especially if theyre funny or romantic or fantasy or fun adventure or girl movies!

I love Mike Myers and Austin Powers.

I love planning
parties and sleepovers are the best. No I am not too old for sleepovers!

I like dressing up and like wearing costumes.

I love dancing.

I never bo
ught CDs just listened to the radio but I finally got an mp3 player and a tablet. Im not a techno geek! lol

I like babysitting if they arent monsters!

I like changing diapers but not poopy ones!

I think nursing is beautiful!

I like getting massages. ReLaX!

I have really strange dreams!

PpL I FrEnCh KiSsEd

I believe I finally everybody listed! lol I'm adding the date of my first tongue kiss with each person when I find it in
my diary!

There's a lot so I moved them

WhAt R mY SeCreTs?

Why should I tell u? LMAO j/k

I like brushing my teeth. Isnt that a boring secret? :D Did u know u can hurt ur gums and roots if u brush too hard?

I always wonder what underwear ppl r wearing.

I like wearing thong underwear!

Im a Discordian! Im Princess Unicornia and I'm also a Discordian American Princess.

I like alcopop and did a long time before I turned 21.

I smoked bud!

I finally learned how to do oral on a guy I got taught by a professional. I am not kidding! ;)

I was a 23 year old virgin! Thats until September 4 2011. Thats right I finally did it! It was with my sother Berkeley.
Then after we broke up I was teaching and had no time to date. Then I finally did it with Harmony my vacation
sother on June 20 2013. Thats after knowing him for 13 years and three years after our fake wedding? Ok Im a
little slow! lol Poor Michael had to date me for eight months before I finally did it with him on June 18, 2015. So
Im old fashioned!
Then Herbie and I finally did it on guess what date? Aug 6 2019!  We waited until we were

Im in love with Aragorn! I love you Viggo! LMAO j/k
Do not be jealous Herbie!

I like red and brown spots like freckles on guys. Isnt that weird?

I like outie belly buttons and hairy belly buttons.

Im a
nudist but it has nothing to do with sex! Its about body acceptance.

I sometimes have hair downstairs but Im usually a smoothie.

I like to skinny dip with friends in the pool and hot tub.

I like baths more than showers.  I like taking baths and showers with close friends thats a Japanese tradition.

I dont like apostrophes or commas but I had to use them all through school and of course teaching.

I have really weird fantasies! ;
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