updated December 2012

WhO iS mY fAmIlY?

Mr. Biggles
: He's my big orange kitty and the guy I sleep with! lol Hes also getting old poor kitty.

Daddy: Hes a really good plumber he works with my cuzin Nolan. I love my Daddy and he's been
speaking to my brother Benny and sister Brandy ever since he learned Brandy was pregnant with his
granddaughter Staci. He likes watching sports especially baseball and also the news. He and
Mommy got divorced on Sept. 29 2009.

Mommy: She lives with Luis and works at Dennys shes a waitress. She used to clean houses. She's
fun but she gets upset real fast and then gets over it fast. She gets along fine with Benny and Brandy
who r her son and my Daddys daughter and with me of course.

Matthew: Hes my little brother he's in fifth grade now. Hes a really cute kid and hes smart. He had
problems with his speech but he got speech therapy and does good now. Hes a kewl little brother
even though hes so much younger Im like his aunt! He stays with Mommy and Luis most of the time
but with Page and Perry most weekends and on vacation.

Benny: My older brother really half brother. Hes Mommy and Uncle Oz son but Mommy and Daddy
both raised him. Really Ms. Adelman raised Benny and I a lot from when I was 2 to when I was 10.
Hes  funny, he likes to fish, and hes married to my older half sister Brandy and father to their
daughter Staci. Dont worry they arent related to each other!

Brandy: My older sister really half sister. She only lived with us for like three years after she got
pregnant and had to have an abortion. I didnt like her much when she lived with us but now shes
really kewl! Shes creative and got married to my older half brother Benny. Of course that was a major
scandal in the family! But they aren't related at all. Its weird but after she got pregnant with Staci
things worked out. She was expecting another baby in May 2012 but she miscarried  Jan 13 2012. :( It
was so said cuz in like another two weeks the baby could have made it. But she was too young to
breath air. Now Brandy's expecting another kid in August 2013! She has to be really careful!

Staci: Shes the daughter of Benny and Brandy and my niece. Really because Benny is my half
brother and Brandy my half sister I'm her double aunt! She was born Jan. 1 2008 but shes a great
talker and is learning fast in kindergarten. If I lived near her I could teach her next year cuz I teach first
grade! Shes totally cute!

I dont live as close to
Page and Perry who are my Mommys parents as I used to its like two hours
away. My
Aunt Ebee and Uncle Frankie whos married to Ebee live with them. Ebee is just a year and
a half older than me so shes almost like a cuzin not an aunt. I have a lot of great adopted aunts and
uncles! Theyre
Aunt Eva whos really Beckys great aunt, Uncle Oz whos really Bennys father and who
Daddy is still mad at even though its not his fault Benny and Brandy got married, and
Aunt Lizzie
whos my newdest adopted aunt and is Uncle Oz friend. My cuzins r
Denise and Nolan and their kids r
Darby, Cari, Gracie,Casey, and Jacob. I have other relatives of course but they dont live close and I
dont see them much. Theres
Grandma whos my Daddys mom and Aunt Gloria and Aunt Helen and
a lot of

Tragically my
Grandpa died March 1 2009. He was 78 years old. Its been very hard on my Grandma
and on Daddy too. Of course its hard on me but really I havent seen him very many times. I wish I had
seen him more.

LeArN aBoUt My BeSt FrIeNdS

WhOs My SoTheR?

Not you! lol Ok NOBODY! I am too busy for a boyfriend!
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