My Figurine Friends
I have more figurines than these but these r the ones that represent ppl! I was going to buy
one to stand for each person but everybodys buying them for me! Thats kewl cuz that way
its what they want to be them!

Allen: Shark! He's gray and white and had big teeth! But really he'd rather swim that eat
you. But if you're the new girl in the wataer watch out cuz he'll be swimming after you
before you know it!

American: Kirin! Its from Japan and is like a unicorn and a little like a dragon. Its
handpainted white, green, and gold. He looks like hes traveling to a faraway land to see
exotic things.

Austra: Nun! Shes actually a candle. Shes wearing white under her light blue habit. She
has her hands clasped together and she looks like shes thinking good and peaceful thoughts.

Becky: Taz! The Tazmanian Devil is brown with arms out and mouth open and teeth and
tongue showing. U know Taz is going to do something unpredictable and wild so watch

Berkeley: Baby! The baby is soft and pink with a little point on its head some babies have
that. The baby is crawling somewhere important but you don't know where. Its naked but
you can't tell if its a boy or a girl because babies can be either.

Brian: Raisin! You might think he's a little shy but just wait until you get him dancing! Hes
brown like a raisin of course and hes his gloves and his dancing shoes on you just have to
get him started.

Carie: Ballerina! Shes wearing a pink leotard and tutu and shoes and is dancing. Her skin is
pink but a little different pink that her clothes and she has brown hair like Carie. She looks
like shes ready to leap into the air.

Carol: Frog! Shes green and cute and shes ready to jump! Shes sitting but u know she
could move at any time and go swimming away or dive or chill on a lily pad.

Clarice: Nurse! Shes wearing a traditional white nurses uniform and shes going to take ur
temperature whether u like it or not! And where do u want her to stick her thermometer? lol

Cleo: Girl in a tree! Shes wearing a red scarf and a black and white blouse and blue skirt.
Shes holding on tight but shes curious to see whats out there.

Daddy: Plumber! He has a big pink belly and a goofy face and hes holding a plunger. U
know hes ready to do his job! He might be coming to ur house soon!

Deno: Bear! Hes a polar bear so hes white of course. Hes crawling on all four feet and he
has his nose up like hes sniffing for something. Hes looking for something to eat or maybe
hes looking for a friend.

Aunt Ebee: Bride! She has pink skin and shes wearing a long white dress with a veil. She
has her hands in front and shes holding flowers for her wedding. She looks sweet and

Ella: Girl! Shes pretty with long black hair and shes wearing this long white gown and she
has her hands folded. She looks a little sad like shes thinking of something she lost or
wishes she had.

Emily: Dragon! Shes covered with green scales and looks at you like shes really curious
and ready to play. She has a crystal ball and she might let you play with it but you better
not try to steal it!

Flower: Sleeping Beauty! She has long flowing wavy blonde hair like Flowers. Shes
wearing a gown thats purple on the bodice and lavender on the skirt. Shes ready for the ball
with her Prince.

Uncle Frankie: Parrot! Its green with red and yellow and its sitting on a perch. It looks
like its thinking of something and its going to say something funny!

Garrett: Donkey! Its the donkey from Shrek. Hes brown and hes standing on all four legs
and his mouth is open. He looks like hes going to say something funny and u dont know
what it will be!

Germana: Catwoman! Shes wearing a sexy black leather costume with a black top and
tight black pants and shes wearing a black mask. She looks like shes ready to do something
so u know shes ready for action!

Glori: Raccoon! Shes brown with a black mask over a light face and she's standing on her
hind legs so you know shes curious! She could be anywhere looking into things and
checking things out!

Harmony: Unicorn! Hes white with a long golden horn. Hes lying down with his legs bent
under his body so u know hes resting. Hes waiting for his friend so they can go walking
thru the forest together.

Haley: Bear! She's little and brown and cute. She's sitting up and looks a little shy but you
know shes very sweet and wants a hug.

Herbie: Wizard! Hes tall with long white hair and a beard and hes wearing a purple robe
and hes resting on a long dark staff. Hes standing and looking into the distance like he sees
something important thats very far away.

Johnnie: Train boy! Hes a little boy wearing an engineers cap and sitting on a train. He has
big eyes so you know hes looking at everything and sees a lot.

Josh: Bodybuilder! Hes strong and hes tough with big muscles and standing with his arms
raised while wearing tiny blue briefs. But hes ready to smile and give you a nice hug and
kiss. And hed rather play than fight.

Joshua: Panda Bear! He's black and white and he's sitting and playing a brown and white
flute. You knows hes happy playing but hed put down his flute to give you a huggie and a

Jude: Dancer! Hes dressed in white and he looks like hes moving to the dance. Hes not
focused on anything else just on the movement of his arms and his legs and his body. Hes
all about the dance!

Kimberly: Ariel! She has red hair that flows over her shoulder and a green shell bra and an
aquamarine tail. Shes sitting and looking like shes thinking about something shes going to

Kristy: Yukino Miyazawa! She has short red hair, pretty brown eyes, and is wearing a
schoolgirl uniform with black jacket, long black stockings and shoes, a light blue tie and
short light blue pleated skirt. She's very smart but has some secrets!

Laura: Fairy girl! Shes pink and is wearing a white dress and has cute fairy wings. She
has her knees up and shes hugging her knees. She looks wistful like shes thinking about
something sad.

Lesa: Octopus! Shes white origami with eight arms and lives in the sea. Shes very curious
and wants to learn about everything. If you aren't nice to hear she'll spray you with ink but
if you're sweet she'll give you a big hug.

Aunt Lizzie: Centaur! Shes a cute little filly which means shes a girl centaur. She has a
brown horse body and the girl part is pink and she has long brown hair that flows over her
shoulders. Shes resting with her legs bent and it looks like shes thinking about something.

Lorien (ME): Mermaid! The girl part is pink and the tail is aquamarine and she has long
brown hair. Shes sitting on a rock and she has her hand on her head like shes daydreaming.
Herbie gave her to me!

Matthew: Cherub boy! Hes cute and pink with little white wings. He looks like he sweet
but he might do something a little bit naughty so be careful!

Marcie: Moon goddess! Shes standing in white with her body barely veiled in white. Shes
contemplating many things and shes strong but you know shes also kind.

Mindy: Tinkerbell! She has four light white fairy wings, blonde hair in a bun on top of her
head, pink skin, and is wearing this tiny green dress. She looks like shes up to something
but probably something sweet!

Mommy: Rudolph! This reindeer is ready to fly and lead Santas sleigh. Ruldoph is brown
and of course has a red nose to guide Santas sleigh. The deer is on white which could be
snow or a cloud.

Uncle Oz: Unicorn! The first one I got broke in an earthquake but I got another one thats
like it. Its a music box. The unicorn is white with a gold horn and hes sitting with his legs
folded under like hes resting from a long gallop through a forest in the hills. I dont play the
music very often cuz I dont want to run it out!

Rodney: Pirate! Hes wearing pirate clothes and has a black hat and has a mustache and
beard. He looks like he might cause some trouble but really u know it wont be really bad.

Staci: Gymnast! She's white stone and stretching her legs very far on the ground. Shes
resting her head in her hands and is getting read to performe.

Stacy: Ballerina! She has a white leotard and white tutu and shoes and is dancing. Her skin
is pink and her hair is blonde like Stacys. She has one leg bent and her arms are flowing
with her dance.

Timmy: Dragon! Hes made of pewter with his wings out so hes ready for action. Hes
looking at you too so youd better be careful! But hell love you if you rub his tail.

Wendi: Ghost! Shes a white ghost with black eyes and a black mouth. Its really a candle!
She looks likes shes trying to be scary but really u think she might just be lonely and want a

Whit: Coyote! He's brown with white on his belly and muzzle. Hes standing on all fours
but his head is turned so you know he's watching and alert and figuring things out.

Yvette: Clown! Shes wearing a maroon suit with a big belly and has big white shoes, a
pink face with big red lips and a red nose and red hair. Shes standing with her hands on her
hips likes shes saying get on with it!
Copyright by The Loveshade Family
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