My soulmate thru
the ages
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Mindy Yuko
Name: Mindy Yuko
Name meaning: Affectionate hot water child
Birthday: May 3 1991
Nicknames: Peepers, Shampoo Jr., Tinkie,
Kitty, Matchmaker Mindy, Yoshi
Sun sign: Taurus
Chinese year: Sheep or Goat
Religion: Wicca
Wiccan name: Sennyoko
Discordian and Mythics of Harmonia name:
Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko
Blood type: AB+
Main elements: air, water, earth (sun sign)
Animal spirit: goat
Sexual preference: guys
Boyfriend: Joshua
Favorite colors: lavender and white
Mama: Ima
Papa: Greg
Brothers: Bobbie and Raidon
Spiritual sister: Lorien Loveshade
Race: Japanese (1/4) and White (3/4)
Looks: Short, small, brown eyes, long
dark brown hair with bangs, light skin,
one piercing in each ear. She wore
glasses then contacts but got surgery
in 2012 so she doesnt have to wear
them anymore.
Mindy and I r soul bonded thru the ages. Ive been her sister, her friend, and even her mother in
past lives. She was looking for me before she even met me, but I didnt know it.

Shes my roommate with my cat Mr Biggles and her guinea pigs. She used to live nextdoor to me,
has a really kewl family, and has a treehouse we liked to use and expanded in summer 2007 but
we dont use it much anymore. I love doing cuddles with her, and we even take showers and
baths together which is a Japanese tradition. Shes my precious Tinkie!

She didnt have her
first period until she was 16 years old we were worried about her! But shes
fine. She lives with me and Mr Biggles and we went to college together but both graduated. She
had a chemistry major and a religious studies minor but she switched to major in music with a
chemistry minor. She was afraid her rents would be pissed but they werent. Shes very talented
she learned violin in college and she played flute in the orchestra she was first chair her senior
year. After college she played flute in a professional orchestra!
Talents: Flute, Guitar, Violin, Tarot Card reading, Dancing, Diving, Poetry
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