Why is everything after
March 13 2006 private

Because some people
have been posting really
mean things about me
because of what I wrote!
You can't be yourself
anymore in America
because people want to
censor everything you do! I
don't hate anything but I
straight up don't like it! If
you're a really good friend
and want to read more let
me know. I might take all
my diary down I don't know.
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Age 10 to ?
(1998 to ?)

This has many of my diary
entries listed by what

What did I do as a young
teen girl?
(With some entries as a
preteen girl!)
SpEcIaL eVeNtS
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If you're here that means you agreed that you want to read my diary and
you're mature and understand it can get explicit. If ur here by accident click a
link on the left.

I use pseudonyms for privacy cept for like famous ppl of course. Here's an
index of what I have here so far:
NEW means its new
here in my online
diary but it might be
a classic! lol
Copyright byThe Loveshade Family
Ritual Bath and new  Wiccan Branch June 21 2005
Daddy got mad and left June 25 2005
Beautiful and Precious Sharing with Mindy June 29 2005
Begin Hot Story about Becky Mindy and Me  July 5 2005
Mindy and Becky did what when I read to them? July 8 2005
Germana is my new best friend July 12 2005
I tell my Boyfriend were breaking up July 16 2005
Mindy did what at the beach? July 23 2005
Laura is here on vacation July 28 2005
Mommy gave notice for us to move Aug 1 2005
I broke up with my Boyfriend on our Anniversary Aug 6 2005
Mindy, Becky, and I on vacation: Aug 8, Aug. 9 to 10, Aug. 11 to 12,
Aug. 13-14, Aug. 15 to 16 2006
Harmonys version of our vacation Aug 8 + 10, Aug 12, Aug 15
Nudist Beach Weekend One Aug 27 2005
Nudist Beach Weekend Two Aug 28 2005
My First Night in my Own Apartment Aug 29 2005
Flashing & First Time Totally Drunk Sept 3 2005
My Wiccan Branch might split Sept 8 2005
Kimberlys 10th birthday party Sept 10 2005
Back to School High School dance Sept 16 2005
I tried using my XXXmas present Sept 18 2005
Problems with my Wiccan branch Sept 19 to 22 2005
Prayer at the Pole Sept 21 2005
Laws against love and sex Sept 24 to 27 2005
More about laws against love Sept 29 to 30 2005
Double date with my ex boyfriend Oct 8 2005
10 year old Kimberlys first period Oct 11 2005
10 year old Kimberlys womanhood ceremony Oct 14 2005
Cassies wild bang Oct 15 2005
Cassie broke my cherry (but Im still a virgin) Oct 16 2005
Homecoming Week and Halloween Party Oct 24 to 28 2005
Nudist Halloween, Homecoming, Samhain Oct 29 to 31 2005
My quarter report card and an artist for our book Nov 7 2005
Bellydancing and Wicca sleepover Nov 10 2005
Mindy wants to wear what? Nov 14 2005
Hot tub with Germana Nov 17 2005
Mindys present Nov 19 2005
Mindy and I finished our story Nov 22 2005
Hot Sleepover with Becky and Germana Nov 26 2005 A
Hot Sleepover with Becky and Germana Nov 26 2005 B
My Wiccan branch might separate from my coven Nov 28 2005
Mindy got upset about the Hot Sleepover Nov 30 2005
My branch may be its own coven Dec 1 to 3 2005
Mindy is my adult baby Dec 8 2005
I plan to meet my Internet friend Johnnie Dec 13 to 15 2005
I met Johnnie and u wont believe what Ella did! Dec 16 2005
Germanas Christmas party Dec 17 2005
Truth or Dare with Johnnie Dec 18 2005
Double Date with Becky, Hunter, and my ex boyfriend Dec 24 2005
After XXXmas and my boyfriend Dec 28 and 29 2005
Meeting Bud on New Years Eve Dec 31 2005
Special time with Uncle Oz Jan 2 2006
My Wiccan branch plans new members Jan 7 2006
My branch is now a Wiccan coven and special news Jan 14 2006
Guess who called me her aunt? Jan 20 2006
I changed my soulmates diaper! Jan 26 2006
Mindy started her first college class Jan 31 2006
My new coven elevated Mindy, Tamber and Austra Feb 2 2006
We helped Becky move :( Feb 4 2006
I got my grades and guess what I shaved off? Feb 6 2006
I learned Becky and Germana did what when I slept? Feb 9 2006
Letter from Congress and Nudist Valentines Party Feb 11 2006
Kayla and Brookes Hot Birthday Party Feb 17 2006 A
Kayla and Brookes Hot Birthday Party Feb 17 2006 B
I babysat Dee Dee and Terri for the first time Feb 21 2006
I started a new blog March 7 2006
I got bad news about Harmony March 9 2006
Wild Hollywood 18th Birthday Party March 10 2006
More Wild Hollywood 18th Birthday Party March 11 2006
My 18th b-day I end my online Diary March 12 and 13 2006
Nate (My 10-year-old romance) Dec 1998
First Period First Bra at age 11 1/2 Aug 23 1999
First Time Chatting Online and 12th Birthday March 2000
My First French Kiss at 12 years old May 20 2000
1998 to 2000
Sorry! The rest of 2006 is now private! But
you can read my yule letter.

And see my vacation below!
The First Day of My Online Diary Aug 23 2001
My Best Friend is Moving! Aug 29 and 31 2001
Camping with Uncle Oz, Brandy, Benny and Laura Sept 1 2001
My First day of eighth grade Sept 4 2001
September 11 2001
Guess whos Arts Editor in Yearbook? Sept 14 2001
My first real Wiccan ceremony Sept 22 2001
My September 11 poem is published! Oct 3 2001
Im accepted in a Wiccan coven! Oct 17 2001
My first secret friendship date Oct 26 2001
Becky and I r initiated into a Wiccan Coven Oct 31 2001
First time I did sharies it was with Becky Nov 3 2001
Was Brandy pregnant & I had a stalker? Nov 6 2001
Becky & me & my family go to Disneyland Nov 10 2001
Mommy is pregnant! Nov 13 2001
I went to church with Jules for the first time Nov 18 2001
I started my first babysitting job Dec 1 2001
I got my first boyfriend Dec 9 2001
My first real date Dec 14 2001
I babysat Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde! lol Dec 23 2001
Preteen & teen slumber party we did what? Dec 29 2001
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My Yule Letter
for 2006
Happy New Year! Jan 1 to 8 2002
Am I having a baby sister or baby brother? Jan 17 2002
I spent the night at my boyfriends house lol Jan 19 2002
I got my grades for first semester 8th grade Jan 30 2002
I tell my Christian boyfriend Im Wiccan Feb 1 2002
Valentines Dance & boyfriends First French Kiss Feb 8 2002
Who's my Secret Valentine? Feb 14 2002
I got to feel Mommy's baby kick Feb 24 2002
I make out with my boyfriend in a Mortuary Mar 3 2002
My boyfriend touched what? Mar 9 2002
My 14th birthday was awful! Mar 13 2002
My and Beckys 14th b-day slumber party! Mar 15 2002
I fell in love! lol Mar 17 2002
A really good friend of mine gets arrested! Mar 28 2002
Im afraid to post my diary online anymore Mar 31 2002
Sorry!  2007 is now private! But you can
read my yule letter.
Sorry!  2008 to 2010 is now private! But you
can read my yule letter.

And see my vacation below!
My Yule Letter
for 2007
2008 - 2010

Why is everything from
April 1 2002 to June 15
2005 private?

Because a really good
friend of mine got arrested
and I got scared! Until
March 31 2002 I posted my
diary online with people's
real names. But after that I
still wrote my diary
but didn't post for a
long time. Now when I
post I use pseudonyms.
So that means I had to
redo all my early entries. I
have a friend who gave me
a lot of help doing it!
Sorry!  April 1 2002 to
June 15 2005 is now Private!

Why is everything after
March 13 2006 private

Ive kept a lot of my diary
private cuz I had
somebody harrassing me
online. But they finally went
away thank Goddess!

I changed my major and
my college Im a senior
now. Mindy and I r at the
same college shes a
sophomore and her
Discordian handle is Fairy
Princess Yoshikyoko. I
want to teach elementary
school so I have to be
totally careful what I post in
public! Did u know that u
could post something
online and then two years
later someone who wants
to hire u could read it and
change their mind? That

Lorien Loveshade
alias Princess Unicornia

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My Vacation 2010
NEW My vacation with Mindy & her family Aug 19, Aug 23, Aug 24

NEW Harmony's version of our vacation Aug 19, Aug 23, Aug 24
NEW My vacation with Mindy and her parents Sept 13, Sept 16
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NEW Harmony's version of our vacation Sept 13, Sept 16 and 17,
Sept 18 and 19
My Vacation 2007
My Yule Letter
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