AuGuSt 27 2005
Saturday August 27 2005

Dear Mr BIGgLeS

We had a total change of plans. Mommy decided to go back home!
Im like whats up with that? And Mommy, Matthew, Mindy, and I all
came together so I was like how r we getting back cuz I said I am
straight up not going back home! This is my last weekend of vacation
and Im totally moved out and I got most of Mommys stuff moved
out. But Mommy got all worried she wouldnt get the moving done.
Anyway Benny decided to take her so he can help her move so they
left which sucked. I wanted to see Benny this weekend.

Anyway everybody else is staying even Matthew. I guess that way he
doesnt get in the way of moving or something. What is Mommys

Anyway heres the good part but I dont know if Mindy thinks so! lol
Were going to meet Flowers family and guess where were going to
meet them? At a nude beach! Mindys finally going to be a nudist! Oh
Mindy said it is good news and shes totally ready. I hope she brought
lots of sunscreen! LMAO


Guess whos a nudist? Matthew! lol Hes only 3 and hes already a
nudist! It was really funny cuz when we got there he saw this lady
and said “the lady got no clothes!” lol

Flowers family was already there cuz we were late cuz of Mommy.
Flowers whole family were there thats her Mommy Rickie, her Daddy
Tyrone, her little brother Ike who just turned 6, and her baby sister
Pippy whos 1 1/2. Flower is 11 of course but she looks older. Its
funny cuz here was all these naked men and women and the one
Matthew kept looking at was Pippy! lol I guess he thought she was a
little hottie! lol Oh Mindy thinks its cuz of Casey shes our cuzin and
shes three too. I dont know though cuz Casey has brown hair and
Pippys blonde like Flower. If u want to know what everybody looks
like u can read it in Descriptions.

I thought Mindy would be really nervous about seeing everybody
naked but really she says she wasnt. We still had our clothes on when
we got there cuz this beach has a place to change! At the other nude
beach its like u had to go in the bushes to change but this beach is
better. I think this ones private Im not sure. Anyway then Mindy got
nervous! Aunt Lizzie told her the best thing is to just take everything
off and walk right out like u do it all the time. Really that is easiest.
The first time I stripped a little at a time and that was embarrassing!
Cuz everybody can tell ur embarrassed but they cant if u just walk
out. Brandy said she does it all the time so she just stripped and so did
Aunt Lizzie but of course she always wears a hat! A lot of ppl wear
sandals or flip flops too. Then they went out to the beach but I
decided to wait for Mindy. Uncle Oz took care of Matthew so that
was sweet. Everybody else put their sunscreen on but Mindy was still
nervous! But really thats ok. Everybody is the first time.

Oh I should say we brought our swimsuits of course cuz we didnt
know we were going there this weekend cuz of Mommy. But u dont
have to pack a suit for a nudist beach! lol

Anyway so I told Mindy u have to put sunscreen all over and I mean
everywhere. And this part was really sweet cuz we stripped and
rubbed it all over each other! Its almost like when we give each other
a sponge bath. I love my little sister Mindy shes my precious Tinkie!
Oh she says Im her precious Cuppy isnt that sweet? Anyway so she
said she was finally ready. Until we got to the door to go out and then
she changed her mind! Poor Mindy. She said I could go she wasnt
quite ready yet. She said she had to use the bathroom. Anyway of
course I waited for her!

But she was still nervous. So I told her dont do it if ur not ready! Cuz
really its something u should do cuz u want to do it u dont have to.


Ok Im writing this Sunday but this is what happened Saturday. Mindy
did something surprising but Ill tell this in order.

Poor Mindy was still totally embarrassed to go on the beach naked!
So I said then dont do it this time Mindy! She said she really wanted
to but I was like this isnt ur last chance! Just do it when ur
comfortable. She said she was embarrassed cuz shes 14 and looks
younger than Flower and Flowers 11! But I said thats ok Mindy cuz
really Flower looks like shes 12 even though she doesnt have any lap
hair yet. I guess thats cuz shes blonde. So really in that way Mindy
looks older cuz she has three hairs downstairs.

I was going to wear my swimsuit too but Mindy said dont cuz she
thought it would be easier for her to strip later if everybody else was
naked. So thats what I did! Really I felt just a little funny cuz I havent
done it in a while. But after a few minutes u totally forget ur naked!
Cept u feel really free and natural. It feels good to be naked in public!

Mindy wore her white bikini but guess what? After like half an hour
she just took her top off! Yay Mindy! And this time she didnt even put
it back on! So Mindy went topfree in public! Oh and it really is a
private beach cuz we even had to drive through private property to get
there. I think its like a membership or something I dont know. Uncle
Oz has so many memberships and timeshares I dont even know how
they all work cuz theyre all different. Anyway all of us were naked
but Mindy but thats ok! A lot of girls wear bikini panties when theyre
on their period anyway. Of course Mindy hadnt had one yet but thats

We had a lot of fun playing with the kids and Matthew had a great
time! And it was so kewl seeing him play with Brandy. She hasnt even
seen him in a year and hes her little brother. Really of course shes
even more like an aunt than I am. I wish Benny was there too but at
least Matthew got to see him.

We said when Matthews older well have a hard time explaining to him
how everything works! I cant remember how it goes but Mindy does.
His older brother is his half brother and his uncle is his brothers
father. Thats Benny and Uncle Oz. Then his older sister is his half
sister which is Brandy, but his other older sister is me and Im his
whole sister even thought Im more like his aunt cuz Im 14 years
older. And his older half brother is married to his older half sister so
theyre his brother and sister and theyre both his cuzins too! lol

We met some kewl ppl! We met Jackelina and Winston theyre friends
of Uncle Oz. Winston sells insurance and Jackelina works in a bar
shes a bartender. Winston knows this language thats like different
tones! I think its from Africa. Oh and he told us about whats
happening in Sudan I didnt even know about it! Its like the
government doesnt want terrorists or something so theyre killing all
the native ppl! Its awful! He said theyre having a big program about it
on TV so I might watch it. There is too much hate and fear in the
world. If ppl just learned to love it would never happen.

But guess what else he said? He said a lot of ppl r running away so
they dont get killed! So theyre losing everything. But he said we can
do something to help! Cuz u can donate to help the ppl. I dont know
how it works but hell tell Uncle Oz and hell tell me. Cuz I want to help
those ppl! Oh and Mindy says she does too.

Ok thats depressing so Ill talk about something else! Jackelina is
funny she said shes Raisinette! She really likes chocolate raisins she
always has some and gives them to everybody. And she was really
good with Matthew and Pippy u can tell she really likes kids. Of
course I do too especially if Im paid to take care of them! LMAO


Ok I have to finish this or it will take all day! lol

Anyway we got something to eat and looked around and then went
back to the house. But we took Flower with us so she could spend
the night.

So Uncle Oz and Aunt Lizzie planned to sleep in the master bedroom
like they did b4. We thought Matthew would sleep with them but I
think they had plans! ;) So we decided Matthew would sleep with
Brandy in the guest room which is where Mindy and I slept last night,
and Mindy, Flower, and I moved the beds together in the kids room
so we could sleep together. Cept we did something b4 we slept and
this u wont believe!

Mindy and Flower and I were talking and Mindy said she really
wished she would have gone naked on the beach cuz we did. I said
that was ok cuz she has to get used to it. And she did go topless!
Flower said it was just natural for her cuz  shes always done it since
she was a baby.

But then guess what Mindy said? She said she thought she could do it
if it was dark. And Flower was like its dark now! But then Mindy said
but we couldnt get to the beach cuz I couldnt drive anybody under
age 18 unless there was somebody older with us. But then I said why
dont we ask Brandy! And thats what we did!

And Brandy said sure cuz really it wasnt too late yet. So guess what?
Brandy took Mindy, Flower, and I back to the nude beach! It was
really fun. And really it was a lot cooler than it was earlier so it felt
nice. We couldn’t use the changing house so we had to change in the
car. But nobody else was there! So Brandy and Flower started
undressing right away. I was going to wait for Mindy but then I
thought if we all did it together she might be more comfortable. So I
started undressing too and then I looked at Mindy and so was she! I
was like yay Mindy!

Then Brandy got out first and Flower and Mindy and I were still in the
car but we were totally naked. Then guess what I  said? I said we
should do a countdown and then leave the car! And of course Mindy
knew what I was talking about cuz we did a countdown when we
were with Ella and Wendi! lol So we all said “Three Two One Go!”
and Flower and I got out of the car. But Mindy was still in there! So
we said “come on Mindy!” So then this was funny cuz I grabbed one
of Mindys hands and pulled and Flower grabbed her other hand and
pulled but we were pulling in opposite directions! lol So Mindy said
“Dont pull me apart Ill go!”

But she wanted another countdown. So we all said “Three Two One
Go!” and Mindy did it! She got out of the car totally naked! So Mindy
is a nudist! Yay!

And really she said she felt really comfortable very soon! I knew she
would. She said she felt a little less comfortable later but thats ok cuz
she didnt know who might see her. We didnt do very much but walk
around the beach a little. Mindy said she didnt think it would count
cuz it was only girls but Flower and I said it counted! Cuz really there
could be a guy there and she was in public! Brandy said she didnt
think it totally counted but she said it was a good start! Really I think
Mindy started when she went topfree.

We werent there very long cuz we just had to be there long enough
for Mindy to do it. We had plans to see the sunrise on the beach on
Sunday so we couldnt stay very long cuz we needed sleep. But it was
long enough cuz now Mindy is a real naturist!

So then we got dressed and went back. Then Mindy and Flower and I
were getting ready for bed cuz it was late. It was funny cuz we said
we just took our clothes off then put them back on again and now we
had to take them off again! lol But then Flower got totally undressed
and then she said “do u girls wear pajamas?” And Mindy said yes but
I said I wear a sleepshirt. Then Flower said ok and went to get her

Then Mindy whispered to me “I think she sleeps naked.” And really I
wanted to ask her but I felt embarrassed. But Mindy said “do u wear
pajamas?” And Flower said “usually if its cold or Im at a friends
house or I got company.” So we knew sometimes she slept in the
nude! But really thats cool. Mindy and I have even slept together
naked b4 its great to do. Anyway this time we were all dressed in bed!

Oh first Flower said her prayers cuz she always prays to Jesus b4 she
goes to sleep. If u dont know her family is Baptist. She says grace b4
she eats too her whole family does. I dont always invoke the God or
Goddess b4 I go to bed but Mindy and I did this time. I just wanted a
good nights sleep for everybody and for Mommy and Benny to have
fun and get the moving done.

Oh and this is funny. Flower wore pajamas with flowers on them!
And of course her nickname is Flower her real names Flora. And I
wore my Princess sleepshirt and panties and Herbie always calls me
Princess! lol But Mindy wore her Hello Kitty shorty pjs cuz of course
she loves Hello Kitty. So Flower said we wore our nickname so
Mindys nickname had to be Hello Kitty! LMAO But we shortened it to
Kitty so thats Mindys new nickname! Hello Kitty! lol Anyway Flower
slept on the left, Mindy slept in the middle, then I slept on the right. It
was kewl cuz Mindy held my hand and then she held Flowers hand so
we were all connected. It was really sweet!
Copyright 2005 by Lorien Loveshade
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My DiArY!
Mindy wasnt nervous
seeing everybody
We had a lot of fun!
We met some cool
ppl but I learned
about some awful
things happening in
Were going to a
nude beach!
Guess whos a
nudist now?
If ur a nudist u
have to wear
sunscreen all
Mindy started
wearing her
white bikini
but guess
Mindy, Flower, and
I all slept together
which was fun.  But
guess what we did
Brandy, Mindy, Flower,
and I went back to the
nude beach at night!
Flower said her
prayers first cuz shes
a Baptist.
Guess who got
out of the car
Do u girls wear
We had a total
change of plans.
What is Mindys new
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