My First French Kiss
when I was a
12 year old
MaRcH 20 to 24 2000
Here is another special day in my life. My first French kiss! This is just how I wrote it when I was 12! Ill
add more later. Enjoy!

May 20, 2000


Dear Diary,

OMG! I wish I been doing my diary every day but I can not believe what happened! I did something I
never done! :O

Mommy and Daddy were gone and so was Benny of course so Brandy was supposed to be taking
care of me. I mean like I really need a babysitter when Im 12! I stay by myself a lot. But they said its
because this wasnt just for a couple hours it was all day long.

So Brandy wanted to go to this boys house to this party. But she wasn’t supposed to go. So she was
just going to leave me and go and then sneak back. And I’m like I dont want to spend all day by
myself! :( So she took me with her! :) And I had to promise not to tell and I will not tell becuz I keep my

The boys name is Michael. This is who was there and how old they were. The boys were Michael who
is 15 and Stevie who is 15 or 16 I can’t remember. I think hes 15. And Felicio who is 14. The girls were
Holly whos 14 and Brandy whos 16 and me. So I was thinking its ok I’m here becuz theres the same
number of boys and girls and without me it wouldn’t be. But then I find out there all in high school and
Im just in 6th grade! So they asked me how old I was and I didn’t open my mouth yet and then Brandy
said I was 14! And I was going to say I’m 12. But then I thought they might think I was too young to be
there so I kept my mouth shut! :I I think they thought I was from another school cuz Brandy said I was
her half sister.

Michaels Daddy was there but he was mostly outside looking at stars with his telescope. Really I
wanted to use the telescope becuz its almost a full moon! Oh and Michael said his dad never comes
in when he has a party. He just looks at the stars and then goes to his room.

So we were just playing video games and had snacks and they had music playing. And this was wierd
becuz Stevie was sitting by Brandy a lot I think he likes her. And Michael was sitting by Holly even
though shes not his girlfriend. And then Felicio started sitting by me! And Felicio is really handsome! :

So then Felicio wanted to play spin the bottle! And this is the part I can’t believe! But when he said
that he looked right at me! :O And the way they did it was that each girl would kiss each guy one time!
Michael said one time he played for an hour and never got to kiss anybody! So this way everybody
gets to kiss everybody!

So the first ones to kiss were Felicio and Brandy! And I couldn’t believe it becuz it was a long kiss and
I dont mean just lips! I mean you could tell they were using there tonges! And I looked at Stevie and
he didn’t even look jealous I could not believe it! But then it pointed to me and I had to kiss Stevie!
And I was so nervous! I mean I never kissed a boy like that before! And really I wanted to do that first
with my boyfriend when I have one but that’s not what happened! But he just gave me a short peck
but it was still romantic! And it was funny becuz Brandy looked jealous and he just gave me a quick
peck! :x

So people were kissing and it was me again and this time I had to kiss Michael! And I was nervous but
not as nervous. And he gave me a long kiss! I mean right on the lips and our lips were together a long
time! :x

So finally it was just Felicio and me and we were the only two who didnt kiss. And I was really nervous
becuz Felicio had tonge kissed Brandy and Holly! Everybody was tonge kissing but they didnt with me
I guess becuz they didn’t know me. So I thought maybe this will be just a peck but I kind of hoped it
would be a long peck! But then Felicio smiled at me and he kissed me right on the lips. And I was
thinking this will be a long peck but then before I knew it I could feel something on my lips and he
stuck his tonge right in my mouth! I mean I couldn’t believe it! And he was moving his tonge inside my
mouth and I didn’t know what to do! So I just sat there with my mouth open!

Ok then this part was almost bad. Becuz he wanted to talk to me just him and me. And I thought does
he want to kiss me again becuz I didn’t do it right? And then I thought maybe he’s going to tell me I’m a
terrible kisser! And I just wanted to run out the door and run all the way home! I did not want to be
there! :(

But then he asked me if I was ok? And I said I’m fine. And then I said I was sorry becuz I never tonge
kissed before and I know I didn’t do it right. But guess what? He was really surprised becuz he thought
I did it before! And then he said he was really sorry! And I said don’t be sorry becuz I liked it I just didn’
t know what to and I wish I did.

Now this is the part I couldn’t believe. He said if I wanted him to he could teach me! I mean he really
said that! So he gave me a kissing lesson! I could not believe it but it was wonderful! I mean I dont
know anybody who got a lesson like that!

This is how you do it. First you do just a peck just your lips touching. Then you move your lips a little
and you feel the boys lips moving too! Then you open your mouth and then the boy opens his mouth.
And then the boy puts his tonge in your mouth! And you move your tonge too so there moving
together! So now I’m a really good tonge kisser! But I don’t know who to practice on! lol :x

Oh and tonge kissing is not gross at all its wonderful! And its funny becuz the first kiss I didn’t know
what to do and then it was just a lesson but it was a wonderful lesson! But the funny part is when I’m
writing this I’m feeling really excited! I mean really like I want to do something but I will not write what! ;)

May 24, 2000


Dear Diary,

I am sorry I am not writing this every day. But this is really wierd! Brandy had like a little party for
herself I mean not really a party. But she said it was her aniversary. And I’m like aniversary of what?
And guess what? Today is the aniversity of when she lost her virginity! And of course she didn’t tell
Mommy and Daddy! :o

And first I thought it was wierd but then I thought it was cool. And I think when I first do it I will have an
aniversary too! But I dont want to do it for a long time. She was 14 when she did it. 14 is old enough
but I think 12 is too young! But really I won’t do it unless I love the guy. I mean I dont think its right to
just do it with anybody! ;)
Copyright 2000 to 2013 by The Loveshade Family
I was a preteen
girl only 12 years
old. So how did I
get in a kissing
game for 15 and
16 year olds?
My older half
sister Brandy was
supposed to be
taking care of me.
Brandy said I was
a 14 year old teen
girl. But I was
really a 12 year
old preteen!
I was very excited
and nervous too. I
never played a
kissing game like
Felicio kissed me
and he started
moving his tongue
in my mouth!
Felicio gave me
kissing lessons!
That was totally
Ok I guess u
know what I did.
I was so excited
I had to take
care of myself!
My older sister
Brandy had an
anniversary of
when she first had
sex! She lost her
virginity when she
was 14 years old.
I made comments
below when I
was an 18 year
old teen girl!