First Time
Chatting and My
12th Birthday
MaRcH 13 to 22 2000
I started a diary LOTS of times b4 I finally kept doing it. Ill post
some entries from years ago. Im posting these exactly how I
wrote them. This is the first time I ever chatted the day I
became a 12 year old girl.  Enjoy!

March 13, 2000

Dear Diary,

I am 12 years old today! Happy birthday to me!

I did something for the first time today. I chated on the Internet!
Benny showed me how. It's part of my birthday present!

Chating on the Internet is easy. First I clicked on Favorites.
Then I clicked on Chat Room I. Then I had to choose a name to
use. I tried Lorien but somebody else was already using my
name! But Benny said its more fun if you make up a name. I
tried Ariel but it didn't work but Benny showed me it could work
if I put a number after it so I did and it worked! I can't remember
what number now. That's ok because I wrote it down I'm just too
lazy to look for it! Oh and I have a password too but it’s a
secret! I can’t lose that or I can’t chat!

I chated with some people a lot of people! But here's the ones I
talked to the most. One is named
Harmony and the other is
named Fishytail. Harmony is a realy nice guy. He's a
photographer and takes wonderful pictures. I saw his pictures
of Halloween and they were awesome! Fishytail is realy sweet
she likes mermaids just like me! She goes to middle school in
Colorado and likes to go sking in the winter. And she likes to go
swimming just like me too! I saw her picture and she's real
pretty prettier than me!

The thing that is realy cool about the Internet is that you can
tell people anything and its not a problem because they don't
know you! You can even tell them realy personal stuff but its
not a problem because they don't know who you are!

I want to write down my friends. My bestfriend is
Laura. We
have been best friends since we were 8! She's real smart and
pretty. I got to get her chatting she would think it's fun! She is
coming over to spend the night with me on Friday! My other
friends are
Becky who is Wiccan like Laura and me. We talk
about Wicca a lot! My other friends are Amber who is a great
dancer and Tiffany who is in my English class and is realy
smart. I have lots of friends but those are the main ones. Oh
Becky’s birthday is just two days after mine!

March 14, 2000

Dear Diary,

I didn’t get my birthday finished because I had my party!
family was here and also Page and Perry and Aunt Ebee. My
family is Daddy whose a plumber and Mommy is a waitress at
Dennys. Then theres also Brandy who I share my bedroom with
and Benny. Brandy is my older sister she just turned 16 and
Benny is my older brother he’s 18. Brandy just moved in with us
on Thanksgiving. She’s my Daddy’s daughter and Benny is my
Mommy’s son, so there realy my half brother and sister but I
don’t think of Benny as half because I grew up with him! So I’m
the baby of the family. Oh except for Mr. Biggles he’s my
orange cat. I named him after Dr. Evil’s cat in Austin Powers but
I got his name wrong because its supposed to be Mr.
Bigglesworth! But I won’t tell Mr. Biggles! Page and Perry are
my grandma and grandpa on my Mommy’s side and Aunt Ebee
is there daugter. Its funny because Aunt Ebee is 13 1/2 just a
little older than me!

Now I will tell you more about what happened on my birthday!

I had a big birthday cake that was chocolate! Chocolate is my
favorite. We also had two kinds of ice cream we had chocolate
and vanila.

And I got presents! I got a purple T shirt with Ariel on it
because she’s my favorite! I like mermaids a lot! And I got
money but I won’t say how much so I don’t sound greedy! And I
got a realy pretty dress with flowers in different colors. I am
going to wear it for Easter! And I got a book of poetry because I
love poetry. I even write
poems! And I got some Ariel panties
which is cool because I can wear them with my Ariel shirt and
use it as a sleepshirt. Its kind of long so it will work real well.

Those all happened on my birthday which was yesterday but
here is what happend today.

I went to school of course! I did that yesterday too but why write
about school? No realy I guess I will write about it later. Oh and
yesterday lots of people wished me happy birthday!

I chatted on the Internet again! I didn’t see Fishytail but I talked
to Harmony again. And guess what he writes poetry like me! I
want to show him one of my poems but I don’t know how to do
that yet. And I also talked to 13cutey who is 13 and goes to a
school in Oregon. I mean you can talk to people anywhere on
the Internet even in different countries! I love chatting on the
Internet I think it will be one of my favorite things!

And I don’t know why I couldn’t remember my Internet number. It’
s Ariel313 which is my birthday! How could I forget that?

Benny even has his own webpage! I want to have one some
day but I don’t know what to put on it!

I don’t know what else to write so buh bye!

March 15, 2000

Dear Diary,

School was ok. We all wished Becky happy birthday because
she is 12 today! Im just two days older than her which is funny.
Oh and Becky said shes going to get her ears pierced again!
Mine aren’t pierced but I don’t care.

I chated again because I can’t stay off the Internet! I talked to
13cutey real quick because she was getting off when I was
getting on! I didnt see Harmony or Fishytail. But I talked a lot to
Xtralarge. He has a lot of money he writes jokes for famous
comediens! Its neat because I told him I like to write poetry. He
works out a lot so he’s in realy good shape I wish I was! He
looks like a movie star hes realy handsome! He wanted to see
my picture but I don’t know how to get it on computer. So I told
him what I looked like and what I was wearing and he wanted to
know everything! :) I don’t know I kind of don’t want to show
people my picture because then they would know my secrets. If
they don’t know who you are then you can tell them anything!

Do you see the :)? That’s how you make a smiley face! This is
how you make a frown :( Theres also a wink but I don’t
remember how to make that.

I’m going to show Laura how to chat when she comes over
Friday. It should be fun!

March 16, 2000

Dear Diary,

I want to write this every day but I don’t know what to write
today. I played with Mr. Biggles and I went to school of course.
Oh today is Thursday I should put the day so when I look at it
later I will know what day it was! We had a sub in math which
was good because she doesn’t know math so it was like a free
period! Amber doesn’t like math too so we spend most of the
period passing notes!

I used the Internet but nobody was on at first I wanted to talk to.
But then I talked to 13cutey! Guess what she works in a
laundry! Her grandma and grandpa own it and they are raising
her. Her real Mommy is real sick and in a hospital! That is so
sad! She said her Mommys been sick for a long time. I dont
know where her Daddy is I forgot to ask her. She has a big dog
hes a labador. I dont think Mr. Biggles would like him!

March 17, 2000

Dear Diary,

I don’t know if I’m doing this right because I wrote this today but
this is what happened yesterday. But the day I’m writing about
is Friday.

Laura came over and spent the night! She is my bestfriend in
the world! She’s 11 1/2 and we’re both in 6th grade. We are
too old to do it but we don’t tell anybody that we still play with
Barbies! I know Barbie and Ken are for little girls but so what I
like them! We just hide them when Brandy comes in the
bedroom! ;)

I got Laura to use the Internet! She didn’t chat a lot but we did
a little. She said she couldn’t think of anything to say and realy
its hard for me too sometimes. We talked a little to Xtralarge but
he was getting too nasty so we didn’t talk to him anymore. He
was trying to tell Laura and I to do things to each other! We
wern’t mad we just thought it was funny. He wanted us to kiss
each other and we did that but I mean he wanted us to use our
tonges! Gross! I know people kiss that way but I’m not going to
kiss my bestfriend like that! Someday when I have a boyfriend I
will but not before that! And he wanted us to look at each other
and touch each other you know where! Oh and this was weird
but Laura said her Daddy checks sometimes to see if she’s
done anything but I dont know what she meant and she
wouldn't tell me!

But then Harmony was on Internet so we talked to him. He goes
to college so he’s a lot older but thats ok. He didn’t say how old
but I said it doesn’t matter we’re just chating I’m not looking for
a boyfriend! Oh it was funny because Laura chatted too but
she didn’t have her own Internet name so she used mine
Ariel313 and sometimes he didn’t know which one of us was
talking to him! lol That means laughing out loud. That
happened with Xtralarge to!

Laura and I just talked about things after that and watched TV.
She slept in my bed with me we always do that.

March 19, 2000

Dear Diary,

Today is Sunday and I’m sorry I didn’t write anything Saturday. I
don’t know what to write nothing happened! I played with Mr.
Biggles and did homework. I don’t know what else to write so
buh bye! :)

March 20, 2000

Dear Diary,

Today is Monday and I’m feeling sad. :( Becky is going on a
date! I mean she just turned 12 but she already going on a
date! Laura and I cant go on dates for like forever! Laura said
she doesn’t want to and I guess I dont either. I dont think Im

But I can’t believe who shes going with. Shes going with Nick!
Hes a nice guy but I cant believe it! There going to the mall and
there even going to have lunch there!

I know lots of girls who have boyfriends but they cant go on
dates! Becky is lucky she has her parents shes not stuck with
mine! :(

March 22, 2000

Dear Diary,

I am so bad about doing this diary! I lost another day! Its
Wednesday now.

Oh I chatted on the Internet and guess what everybody was
talking about? Nude beaches! Some of the ppl go to them a lot
and I said my Mommy did before but my Daddy doesnit like it. I
know its natural but I would be afraid to do it. I mean what if
your on your period? And how do you look at ppl? Oh ppl
means people. And what if they look at you? But Leprechaun
said it feels funny at first but then you get used to it.
But realy I would like to see ppl naked! Especialy boyz! But I
cant tell Mommy and Daddy that! ;)
Copyright 2000 to 2013 by The Loveshade Family
I was excited
about being a 12
year old preteen
girl. I couldnt wait
to be a teenager!
Chatting on the
Internet was my
favorite present
on my 12th
Harmony became
my best online
friend and I've met
him in person! I
haven't talked to
Fishytail in several
years. I wonder
where she is?
Laura was my
best friend since
we were 8 year
old girls and was
still my best friend
when she was 11
and I was 12.
Shes still one of
my best friends!
I wrote about my
12th birthday
which was March
13 on March 14! I
was still learning
how to keep a
I still like Ariel and
mermaids. I still
have the book of
poetry but the
sleepshirt and the
panties are gone!
I haven't seen
13cutey in a
long time either.
Really I think I
wanted to get my
ears pierced just
cuz Becky did.
She got to do
everything before
Now I think the
showed me
weren't even
him. He did
want to know
about me even
what kind of
panties I was
wearing! Of
course a lot of
guys ask that
but he was the
first. Really I felt
flattered that
he'd care!
This is Laura's
first time using a
chat room and I
don't think she
used the Internet
before. So she
was an 11 year
old chatter!
I know my Daddy
would freak if he
knew Xtralarge
wanted Laura and
I to French kiss
each other and
touch each other
downstairs when
she was 11 and I
was 12. But it
really didn't
bother us we
thought it was
funny! We just
stopped chatting
with him because
that's all he
wanted to talk
about and it got
boring after a
I didn't write it
then but I felt a
little jealous of
Becky. She was
going on a date
when she was 12
years old and I
couldn't for years.
I really wanted to
double date with
It was fun talking
about nude
beaches. The
people who
chatted respected
me and it made
me feel grown up.
I called myself a
nudist but it was
years before I
actually did it!
Really seeing
everybody naked
and letting
everybody see
you naked isn't
exciting very long
because you get
used to it. But
being a nudist is
I made comments
below when I
was an 18 year
old teen girl!